[Hpn] A shameless request on behalf of the Ackerman kids

ackerman@joelsmail.com ackerman@joelsmail.com
Mon, 11 Dec 2000 21:59:12 +0000 (GMT)

Dear friends and colleagues,

Some parents help their kids sell cookies, some help them sell candy,
frozen pizzas, or coupon books.  Me, I help my kids with their
website, BookJackets.com ( http://www.bookjackets.com ).

I'm very proud of the work Nathan, Miriam, Aaron, and Tovah have
done in putting together a quality site that is about childrens books
and their authors.  They have done this in order to help other kids find
high quality books, and to help promote childrens authors and keep
them writing.  They have also built this site as a way of learning about
the Internet and running a small business, as well as possibly to help
pay for their own college educations (I am certainly in favor of that!).

The kids have put some creative touches into their site, including the
ability to order some out of print books directly from the authors (autographed!).
For some of the books you can also click on an option to hear a
portion of the book read to you.

I am encouraging them to continue this effort, and I'm asking for your
help also.  Please visit their site at http://www.bookjackets.com .  From
their site you can order books from Amazon.com, with a small portion
of each sale going to support the website.  Additionally, if you order any
books at all from Amazon and do so by first going thru the BookJackets.com
site, Amazon will send a small portion to BookJackets.com .  Of course,
if you visit the site and want to send them a small message of encouragement
or suggestions, they would certainly appreciate that also
( mailto:bookjackets@yahoo.com ).  And please feel free to forward this
message on to everyone you know!

Thank you!

Joel Ackerman
Advisor to BookJackets.com, Proud Parent, Shameless Promoter, Doesn't
Have to Sell Cookies!

P.S.  This is a one-time mailing that is going only to email addresses
gathered from my email's inbox and outbox.  If you are receiving this it is
because you have written me or I have written you at some time, or
because your address was included on a message to me.  I apologize
in advance if you feel you have received this message inappropriately.