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Soon many families will be gathered together to observe a 
tradition of exchanging gifts, for which they know not why. But 
the seasonal traditions of revelry and partying dates back 
several thousand years.

Many other people see the season as a time to celebrate the 
birth of Jesus of Nazareth, in a manger, on a cold winter 
night.  In reality, the birth actually took place at the Jewish 
Feast of Tabernacles in the autumn season, BEFORE Shepherds had 
brought their flocks of sheep in from the fields for the winter.

Jesus became a great Teacher, a Rabbi, and a Master of Masters 
before he began His ministry in a.d. 33 in Judea. Before that, 
He was a world traveler with His Uncle Joseph of Arimathea. 
Historical records reveal that Uncle Joseph was a merchant who 
had ships traveling all throughout the Roman Empire and beyond.

Ancient records in China, India, and Tibet tell of Jesus coming 
to study with them and of His becoming a Master of each of their 
religions. A Monastery in India still has a portrait of Him that 
was made while He was there.  It was in Tibet where He spent 12 
years that He became a Master of Masters.  Then He returned to 
Palestine to begin His final ministry.

So little is told today about the man who took upon Himself the 
mantle of Messiah. The Bible says that if everything about His 
life were to be written down in books, the whole world could not 
contain its volumes.  There is so much to learn and so little 
time to learn it.

The greatest gift that Jesus offered to us was the power to 
become like Him both in power and in character.  This includes 
the possibility of transforming our mortal body into one that is 
Immortal. This is why He came in a mortal body.  And is why He 
later sacrificed it.

This is the message that I celebrate at this time of year.

Happy Holiday

Gary Hanson

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