[Hpn] POOR Volume #4 is born- solidarity is important (next to last reminder!!) reminder!!)

poormag poormag@sirius.com
Sun, 10 Dec 2000 15:02:07 -0700

Dear Friends and folk of POOR - this is the next to last reminder from POOR
on the Release Party- please come if you can to show solidarity for this
truly amazing effort-

After a year and a half of poverty and crisis,
personal and organizational, POOR has finally finished the greatest issue
ever - and we want you to come out to support all of our collective efforts
at the release party.

POOR Magazine will be celebrating the publication of "POOR Magazine Volume
IV: The Mothers Issue".  In honor of the occasion POOR will be hosting a
release party/benefit on Friday, December 15, at 7:00 pm.  Location: 255
9th St. San Francisco, CA.  Dinner will be served with homemade soup and
bread. $0-10.00 sliding scale.

Celebrate and support POOR Magazine's ongoing resistance to poverty, race
and class oppression through literary, visual and performance art.
Celebrate Volume IV, The Mothers Issue with a poem, a drawing and/or a
photograph of your mother to include in the "live" art wall . This issue of
POOR was an act of media and
multi-media resistance for all the very low income and homeless adults and
youth writers and artists at POOR, as they not only wrote and created all
the work for the magazine, but the mothers, daughters and "sons" from
POOR's welfare to work job training program worked on the design and layout
for this beautiful, intentionally glossy magazine about issues of poverty
and the political state of motherhood.

This will also be the debut of the new super-shero-Superbabymama: a
poly-lingual multi-racial mama who fights economic justice everywhere.
Contributors also include Mumia Abu-Jamal, Delores Huerta, Evri Kwong,
Diego Rivera, Nancy Johnson, Christine Carmel Atkins, LEtita Ntofan,
Martina Gillis, Ida McCray Robinson, leroy Moore, Idell Wilson and many

AS well as a comprehensive local/international resource page of
organizations working for economic justice.

POOR is in fact even poorer this year, but we are still committed to
increasing our radical distribution efforts; i.e., each magazine and/or
subscription that is sold supports the free distribution of a magazine to a
very low income adult or youth who is unable to afford the cover or
subscription price.  In this way each donor/subscriber is "giving back" to
their community; soooooooo... please come and support us emotionally and
financially at this very important event: and pick up your copy of POOR for
the Holidays- makes a great gift!!!!!!!!!!!