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As a leader in the Campaign for Housing and Community Development Funding,
McAuley Institute invites you to sign-on to the enclosed letter in support
of a strong FY 2002 budget for the Department of Housing and Urban
Development (HUD).  This national sign-on letter is an important way of
letting the next President know of the tremendous nationwide support for HUD
programs that provide homes for low-income households.  The letter will also
serve as an effective tool in lobbying Congress.  Last year there were 1,500
signers.  We hope to significantly increase that number this year!

Nonprofit and for-profit local, state and regional organizations, religious
communities, national organizations, state and local governments and
corporations are invited to sign on.

The attached form can be used to sign on to the letter. The deadline for
signing on to the letter is Friday, December 8, 2000.   Share the letter
with others you know who may want to sign on.

Mail to:  Makeda Harris, McAuley Institute, 8300 Colesville Rd, Suite 310,
Silver Spring, MD 20910;  Fax to:  301-588-8154;  Email to:
mharris@mcauley.org (include all of the information on the form); or Sign on
through the web at:  www.mcauley,org by clicking "Sign on Letter to the

Thank you for signing on to this important letter!  In addition,
subsequently you may want to draft your own letter to the President based on
the content of the sign on letter.

Founded by the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, McAuley Institute's mission
is to support the work of community-based organizations and their partners
to create affordable and accessible housing, particularly for low income
women and their families.

CHCDF FY 2002 Sign-On Response Form

______   I am signing on to the CHCDF letter on behalf of the following

Please print clearly or type:

Organization: ____________________________________________________________

Name: __________________________________________________________________

Mailing Address:___________________________________________________________

City, State & Zip

Telephone: _____________________ Email:____________________________________

Fax: _________________  Name of My Representative in

_______  I presently receive regular fax/email alerts from McAuley.

_______  I presently do not receive regular fax/email alerts from McAuley
but would like to begin receiving them.  I will commit to contacting my
Congressional Representative and/or Senators at least once a year.

Campaign for Housing &
Community Development Funding
CHCDF's goal is to advocate for the largest aggregate funding for the
federal housing budget.

National Sign-on Letter

President ____
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20500

Dear Mr. President:

The organizations that comprise the Campaign for Housing and Community
Development Funding and the _____ undersigned organizations request that you
support a FY 2002 Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) budget
that allows us to continue building communities and providing homes for all
people, especially those who are poor.

Even in these strong economic times, many low-income people do not live in
safe, decent, and affordable homes.   HUD's 1999 worst case housing needs
report showed that at least 5.4 million low-income households pay more than
half of their incomes for rent and/or live in severely inadequate homes.
This need for affordable housing is exacerbated by a lack of available
affordable housing units.   The Senate recognized this need by including a
new affordable housing production program in its version of the FY 2001 HUD
appropriations bill.  Unfortunately that provision was dropped from the
final bill.  We urge you to include new money for production in your FY 2002

HUD-funded affordable housing programs are instrumental in the nation's
efforts to reduce the housing burdens of low-income families.  HUD-funded
programs address the community development needs of underserved people in
metropolitan and rural areas.  These programs encourage strong partnerships
between federal, state, and local entities that provide housing and rebuild
communities.  These partnerships consist of governments, financial
institutions, non-profit organizations, for profit developers and owners,
and neighborhood organizations.

Having decent, safe and affordable housing is a prerequisite for creating
community stability.  We urge you to submit a budget for FY 2002 that
increases HUD funding and continues to make progress toward meeting the
affordable housing needs of low-income families and building livable
communities for all.  Your FY 2002 budget should at least fully fund current
programs and provide new resources to increase the supply of affordable


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