[Hpn] more resonse from Jos R

Joseph Reynolds reynolds@webmail.pe.net
Sun, 03 Dec 2000 15:12:54 0

 I will give credit for the idea that more and different approaches need to be used to end homelessness. This is something which the USA has been sadly avoiding. Maybe everyone hopes the problem will go away but the same thinking killed my Dad. He was so afraid of what A doctor might say he put off going to an oncologisr for years. The cancer he feared knowing fully about killed him a whole decade sooner than other men in our family tend to live. I feel the man is right that more must be done, new  thugs. My own experiences with the welfare, food stamp and all that stuff was frightening. I got no help from the "system" NONE at all. Sure I got "sympathy" - that costs nothing and in many cases that is exactly it's value.
  there are probably as many good "solutions" as there are homeless people. But I will deeply resent this ideal that homelessness is a "choice". i know a young lady who is homeless and yes she left home under her own power but I don't think of her as having a "choice". It is a matter of saving her life. Should she "choose" to stay home and be beaten and raped again because her family knows she's bisexual. And guess what the cops were no help! And it all happened again when the cops left. So I paid for her ticket to a safer place but she'll be homeless as there is no room for her with family there. She may have a place nest week - hopefully. But tell me this was a "choice". I'm sorry but none of this has been a picnic and I may be misunderstanding some of the statements. If so I apologize. Well that's enough from me - your turn everybody!
          - jos