[Hpn] re: homelessness chosen?

Joseph Reynolds reynolds@webmail.pe.net
Sun, 03 Dec 2000 14:21:16 0

Please excuse me if I go overboard a bit, but homelessness as a choice? Give me a break! What next cancer as a viable "lifestyle"?
  Sure there are always the expatriate types but they always seem to have money (usually family money) to fall back on and they are really only waiting for someone to drop dead so that they can move up in the family money chain. Just the other day we had a posting about the squat scene in goddamn Amsterdam. the cat had gotten there from Northern Italy. Most of that sounded like spoiled children of the rich playing at paupers till they have to settle down in the family bank through! 
  Yes there are plenty of people like that but I won't count them as  my homeless brethren. More like distant cousins! The more distant the better as they will really suck the blood out of their "comrades at the barricades and in the struggle" once they have graduated into the ruling class. (Gwan, why do you think Stoker portrayed his vampire as a member of royalty!)
  Look, ask Lucinda or Harmo my if they "choose" this. Can you picture it - I'll think I'll be homeless after such and such a date (It's all the rage now!So chi - chi) I don"t doubt you can hear a lot of "big" talk and laughing at the suits.
Don't ever think that not one of those loud mouths wouldn't switch places with the cat in the suit immediately if they could. Where would you rather loaf skid row or Cozumel? I find it too much work for way to little money to be homeless! The rich work less than a mybody. Go on tell me how easy it is to scrape by every fucking day and not sleep as I was worrying about tomorrow.
   Yes I heard the same sort of talk But it was all bravado from someone with even less alternatives than me! Always ran into the SOB at the same line in an employment office at some dipshit job we both needed.
   Maybe I'm over reacting to what I perceive as the tone of the question. If so I apologize. I  can't see your face or hear your voice and so I may be misjudging your question.Words in my e-mail carry no inflection to clue me to your intent. This just sounds like more of that Republican bullshit so popular under Reagan ( they want to be homeless! )( they're not starving they're on a diet! ) 
   Now that I have a place I resent the implication that all I was doing was an extended "vacation", I find it hard NOT  to find the question personally offensive. Like I wrote I may be misreading your intent and if so I apologize. The fact that it comes from within our community distresses me - are we about to attack each other instead of the common problems? We will only do the work of those who would crush us for their profit if we do.
   True there are those among us who don't want to be a part of the "greater society" But (a) that society rejected us and (b) what is so "great" about society a myway? 
   I can't help but think such a question either screams "burn out" loudly or is a case of asking the incorrect question. 
   People may choose to lead a simpler less materialistic life but that is not what homelessness is!
   Please let us discuss thus further...
                  Jos Reynolds
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