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call for contributors!
by basil November 23 2000, Thu, 4:07pm
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a call for contributors to "on the road to healing--a booklet for men
against sexism." 

Please send this to other folks who might be interested:

Hello, weıre at it again. This is a call for people of all genders to
question masculinity, manhood and sexism. What are the roles you were taught
in relation to manhood? If you were raised to be a man, how did that
influence your life? This is a call for contributions to the next issue of
"On the road to healing--a booklet for men against sexism."

Its been nearly a year and a half since we finished long hours of helping
each other put together the first issue and the response has been varied. We
received a lot of praise and criticism that we hope will be reflected in the
next zine, but we need your help.

We need your help to make this a creative, comprehensive and collaborative
zine that confronts ideas of masculinity and manhood to aid in the process
of all people working to end sexism.

"On the road to healing--A booklet for men against sexism" is a zine that
exists to provide a printed space for articles, stories, art, photography
and other printable mediums directed at critical theory and personal
reflections on male socialization, sexism and the concept of manhood. How
have these concepts influenced and molded us? How do they relate to all
other facets of our lives including race, ethnicity, class background,
gender, people entering or reentering the workforce, biracial and bicultural
and multiracial and multicultural people, adoptees, single parents,
children, elderly people, people with disabilities, privilege, oppression,
power, etc.? 

The editors of this zine identify as feminist/pro-feminist and partially
explain these identifications by being really siked when reading the
following quote written by Starhawk (in her essay, "A menıs movement I could

"Feminists long for men to heal. We dream of a world full of men who could
be passionate lovers, grounded in their own bodies, capable of profound
loves and deep sorrows, strong allies of women, sensitive nurturers,
fearless defenders of all peopleıs liberation, unbound by stifling
convention yet respectful of their own and othersı boundaries, serious
without being humorless, stable without being dull, disciplined without
being rigid, sweet without being spineless, proud without being insufferably
egotistical, fierce without being violent, wild without being, well,

The first issue came out in May, 1999, with over 1500 copies in circulation.
The articles were divided into these five chapters: Growing up
male--writings on socialization and manhood; Changing ways--redefining
manhood; Menıs work--the work we do to end sexism in our lives and
communities; Getting to know yourself--some questions to aid in the process
of self-discovery; and Selected resources. Currently, we are working on the
second issue. We hope to have a wide base of contributors from various
backgrounds, with no limit to who can contribute. The projected date of
publish is May, 2001 with a circulation of 5000 or more copies. The current
deadline for contributions is March 1st, 2001.

Contact us for more information, answers to your questions, help with
formulating your ideas, criticisms on the first issue, suggestions for this
one and to submit something. Also, if your interested, you can buy copies of
the first issue for $2 (write for bulk rates, donations, or if you canıt
afford it). Also, we are looking for grants and other financial assistance
for the cost of printing and distribution. If you can help us out with
money, suggestions or other resources, let us know.

On the road to healing--A booklet for men against sexism

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Austin, Texas 78764


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"We must find out what words are and how they function. They become images
when written down, but images of words repeated in the mind and not of the
image of the thing itself."
- W.S. Burroughs

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