[Hpn] No Home for the Holidays

George M Weinert V georgemvw69@hotmail.com
Fri, 01 Dec 2000 15:57:49 -0600

   Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Lord,


   is for those unfortunates who find themselves with no home, and often no 
hope for the holidays.

   Please join us to share in our message of encouragement.

   Additionally, we are setting up a tech center/day shelter here in CHi, IL 
- near North/Pulaski since
   there are NO Facilities for the homeless in this part of Chicago.

   We especially are in need of:

   Computers (PC/MAC/Laptops)
   Printers (any type)
   Software (windows 95-2000)
   Fax/Modems (any configuration)
   Cell Phone (any)
   Paper/Supp (envelopes, printer paper, etc)

   for our office needs.

   For the Holidays we are looking especially for:

   Clothes (Cotas, shoes, shirts, pants, boots, etc)
   non-Perishable Food Items (Canned goods, instant meals, etc)
   Coffee (as much as our homeless guys and gals can get)

   And, there shall surely be more added:

   If you or your firm can help these Unforunate ones with No Home for The 

   Visit us on line or send your donations to:

   No Home for the Holidays
   CO Br. George V
   1933 N Kildare Avenue
   Chi, IL 60639
   (800) 699-2466 (#691-973-4123)

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