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William Tinker wtinker@fcgnetworks.net
Thu, 31 Aug 2000 12:34:34 -0400

Please excuse any multi postings:


3rd Grassroots Documentary Film & Video Festival

The Grassroots Media Network invites you to submit your video and/or film 
projects for the 3rd Grassroots Documentary Film and Video Festival to be 
held in Austin, TX. March 9, 10, and 11, 2001. The Grassroots Documentary 
Film & Video Festival is sponsored by the Grassroots Media Network. The 
festival is a great place to present your work to the general public, 
worldwide media groups and independent media producers.

The purpose of the Grassroots Documentary Film and Video Festival is to 
showcase progressive film and video works that focus on issues that are not 
recognized by mainstream media or that tackle issues in ways not done in 
mainstream media, with the main focus being on people of color, gays, 
lesbians, transgendered people, women, the environment, labor issues, 
poverty, housing issues and homelessness, health, civil disobedience, mass 
movements and other issues that effect our communities.

The work must focus on issues not dealt with by, and relate to communities 
that are ignored by mainstream media. We are looking for works that use 
film & video as tools for communication to inform about a current or 
on-going struggle, to raise questions about what's being done, or to call 
for actions to help a cause. The emphasis is on content.

Please submit a 1/2" VHS copy of your work for our panel to review.
To be considered for the Festival, a 1/2" VHS copy of the film/video work 
must be completed and postmarked by January 12th 2001.

There is a $10 registration fee for each submission. All money received 
from registration will be used to cover cost involved with organizing the 

VHS copies cannot be returned. Please include a short description of you 
work and full name and address.

Mail the video to:

Grassroots Documentary Film & Video Festival
C/O Tony Truong
1602 Chatham
Austin, TX 78723