[Hpn] Fwd: police union endorsement for city election called "kiss of death"

Bonnie Briggs s248_1132@hotmail.com
Wed, 30 Aug 2000 19:05:20 +0000 (GMT)

Hi gang,
  Here's a scary note from a friend of mine about Municipal (City) Elections 
coming up this year. This further proves that I live in a police state that 
is pretending to be a democracy. Getting rid of our Premier (Governor) is 
the only to see the return of democracy.

>>here's a kicker to end the day with (and i promise this is the last for
>>today!) - kira
>>forwarded by Bill Fitzpatrick - thanks bill!
>>l n <super_fina@EXCITE.COM>  wrote:
>>Is it the kiss of police state death for council or for citizens of
>>Toronto who want to live in a real democracy?
>>Craig Bromell and his Boys in Black have endorsed a slate of 17
>>candidates, and in this week's Now Toronto Magazine at least one
>>councillor called a Bromell endorsement the kiss of death.
>>Bromell has a team of American Republicans to mobilize volunteers and
>>do advertising. A war chest of hundreds of thousands of dollars will be
>>to promote his chosen police state candidates.
>>40 candidates have already been in the back rooms, begging Bromell
>>for assistance in the coming campaign. The Mayor himself has had private
>>talks with Bromell, and many of Bromell's choices are on the Lastman
>>Police choices are (and check for bugs after any of them visit your
>>home): Brian Ashton, Scarborough Bluffs; Milton Berger, North York
>>Centre South; Rob Davis, York-Eglinton; Betty Disero, Davenport; Brad
>>Duguid; Scarborough City Centre; Norm Gardner, North York City Centre
>>councillor; Doug Holyday, Markland-Centennial; Chris Korwin-Kuczynski,
>>High Park; George Mammoliti,North York Humber; Frances Nunziata,
>>York-Humber councillor; Case Ootes, East York councillor; Joe Pantalone,
>>Trinity-Niagara councillor; Kyle Rae, Downtown councillor; Bill
>>Parkdale; Sherene Shaw, Scarborough Agincourt councillor; David
>>Scarborough Highland Creek councillor; and Michael Walker, North Toronto
>>Some of these choices are surprises, but the truth is that some
>>Toronto councilors have been posing as progressives while at the same
>>time being strong boosters of police state policies.
>>Before you vote in this election, it would be best to ask for the
>>candidates' position in regards to Community Action Policing or Target
>>Policing and the Safe Streets Acts. If the councilor states support for
>>these softly named police state policies, then vote for someone else.
>>Don't forget that councillors who supported these draconian laws had no
>>qualms about selling out the rights of the poorest members of our

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