[Hpn] A Story of Austin

Mark Watson preachur@CrUsThAvEn.every1.net
Wed, 30 Aug 2000 10:29:37 -0700 (PDT)

A Story Of Austin	Posted 08-30-2000 09:48 	
 It is interesting how memories can come flooding back at the most unusual times. This time it is giving me a sick feeling in my stomach. I had come to Austin from Tempe in my van. It was an old '77 Dodge Tradesman with a slant six and no motor mounts. I had just dropped Blu and Violet there after a day long visit in Tucson where I smoked good bud, dropped acid, and then drove to Tempe. Oh, I also met Pixie. She was still with me to Austin, then on to Arkansas, Bloomington, IN, Washington D.C., back to Indiana, BACK to Arkansas, then on to Memphis where we sold the van and bought a ford taurus, and then BACK to Washington D.C. where I kicked her out. While in Austin a hippy kid named Seth asked Pixie and I if we needed a place to crash. I was content in the van, but Pixie wasn't so we said sure. He lived at a house with his brother Sean, some girl, a guy named Bart who's life ambition was to be a guniea pig for Farmaco, and a guy named Spirit who hung out on the drag alot. Spi!
rit was camped out on the sofa. One day Omar came over and we all ate acid, smoked weed, and drank beer and wine. Sort of like any other day there. Well, by morning Seth and Sean had had it out, and Sean had left. The police had showed up once and I wanted more beer. Omar and I gave Spirit our money for a bike to the beer store. After one hour we decided to hunt him down. We were actually kinda worried about him. I had a gut feeling so we headed down to Shoal Creek. cont... 		

Re: A Story Of Austin cont.....	Posted 08-30-2000 09:59 	
 We got to Shoal creek, crossed the creek and entered the bamboo where we found Spirit's bike, and all of his clothes. His socks his boots. there was his bag. Omar looked and all of his valuables were in the bag. His precious stones, a pair of soiled little boy's underwear. That made us feel sick to our stomachs. Omar was starting to get a crazed look, and I was feeling my anger boiling. We then calmed down and discussed it. We agreed that we would give him the benefit of the doubt and perhaps those had been planted. We expected to find him dead. We were not so lucky. I saw it first. It looked like a dead hooker dumped on a hillside. It was Spirit. He was curled in the fetal position clutching a pair of little boys' underwear. He was dressed in pantyhose and a slip and a tube top, wearing makeup and doused in cheap perfume. Scattered around him were various articles of childrens' toys and clothing. There was semen all over him and his slip. I wanted to cave his head in with a !
rock. Omar stopped me and we left after we cussed him out and kicked him and told him to get up. He would not. He just cringed and shut his eyes. We recovered and both of us puked before we made it back to the van. Spirit left his dog tied in the sun and we brought him in. He didn't return until that evening where we told him to take his life, the clothes on his back and to leave Austin that night, or we would kill him. He refused to go. Omar said, "I'll take him" and grabbed Spirit and picked him up and ran straight out the door into the street. In the street Spirit flipped Omar and had his thumbs to Omar's adam's apple. That's when I picked Spirit up by his head and asked him how bad he wanted it to stay attached to his body. He begged and I let him go. Then we beat him a bit and he ran away. We never saw him again. cont.... 		

Re: A Story Of Austin	Posted 08-19-2000 13:44 	
 The next day Seth and Bart wanted a ride to a pawn shop, so I fired up the van and we went. We did quite a bit of speed in a hotel room that night. Pixie had adopted Spirit's dog. A day later I hear that the police are looking for me. It seems Seth had taken his BROTHER'S belongings to the pawn shop and told the cops we did it. He had gotten a friend of mine's girlfriend to go to some of the pawn shops...but I had failed to appear for public intox, so I decided to let the cops catch the real bad guy, and I left town. I'm sure they eventually traced it all back to Seth. I had seen my friends Dan and Cindy on the drag, and Dan said "Get out of town till this shit blows over, these cops arrest first, ask later." I knew this about Austin already, so we drove to my cousin's house in Arkansas and went fishing. The End

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