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hey folks. goes to show you how little real substance there might be 
in pride - after I stayed up into the wee hours cobbling together an 
actual (if somewhat shaggy) STREET SHEET e-zine, harmonica Tom 
informs me that I gotta break it down into "chunks" so it won't 
bounce off the HPN list. geeeze!

no good deed goes unpunished.

I'm hoping that I'll actually manage to get them to arrive together, 
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actually, the rest of you should just dump this post before you go 
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peace, out


San Francisco's STREET SHEET
ONLINE (an' in Yo' Face) EDITION
a publication of the Coalition on Homelessness, San Francisco

Volume One
Number 1
September, 2000


	by chance martin, Editor & General Asshole

	by chance martin


3 -	Urban Renewal "Does" Dallas
	by Heather Rogers

4 -	Homeless People Seek Justice in Small Claims Court
	by Tom McKay

5 -	Mission Rock Small Claims
	by T.R. of the writer B.G.

6 -	Civil Rights Round Up
	by COH staff

	by Joyce Miller

	by Joyce Miller

	by Ron Rucker

10 -	No matter the tactics of the system, people won't disappear!
	María Heredia

	***Edicíon Popular en Español***

	por Hogares sin Barerras

11 -	San Francisco Ataca a los Inmigrantes De Nuevo
	por Hogares sin Barerras

12 -	La personas desamparadas Saben como deben ser los shelter
	por Hogares sin Barerras



here's something new - a STREET SHEET digest.

impartial constructive criticism is invariably the best tool in 
locating the next step forward, and yrs trly has had a lot of 
feedback on our periodically hairy bandwidth. the breakdown averages 
about 50-50: half the feedback is pleased for the text posts from the 
frontlines of "da struggle," and then there's those polite requests 
to try to refrain from posting 5, 10, or more posts daily, even when 
there's a "hot item." sorry, whenever we can educate anyone who might 
want to fight against tyranny we'll jump on it.

"hot items" recently have ranged from mass arrests for "conspiracy" 
to commit public puppetry to mass arrests for being in the wrong LA 
subway station on the wrong train at the wrong time. in the process a 
whole new segment of society has become intimately familiar with the 
common mechanisms of selective enforcement, the practices and 
policies that have evolved to oppress all disadvantaged communities: 
poor people, people of color, sexual minorities, immigrants, drug 
users, youth, people who have been psychiatrically labeled, reluctant 
draftees of the prison industrial complex... the list grows daily.

it's not surprising.

critics of the blossoming international effort to liberate society 
from the shackles of corporate slavery have made much about the lack 
of people of color in the emerging movement. it only shows how remote 
they are from the issues.

poor people of every color and gender have traditionally been targets 
of police abuse. police harass minority communities - that's standard 
police operational procedure. y'see, they're the varieties of our 
human family who are "bad for business" or "eyesores," or a threat to 
that all-pervasive "QUALITYOFLIFE."

THEY already know what time it is - but when some young person who 
has learned to embrace ethical engagement to further the cause of 
social justice is suddenly thrust into a cell and learns that the 
policeman is definitely NOT your friend, they are shocked.

I was too, the first few times I was arrested back in '95 for the 
"crime" of feeding homeless people. you get your ass kicked doing the 
right thing. then you learn to do it without getting your ass kicked, 
and teach everyone you can to protect themselves.

welcome to the real world, friends...


the following SONG LYRICS POSTING is just because I like these guys 
(ok, I'm a long time fan) - and yeah, I was absolutely in that place 
where dreams and waking life are tainted and tinctured by one another 
when Rage played at the DNC. I figured that would be the case, that's 
why I planned to be there months before RAtM decided to play in 
protest outside Staples Center. even if they hadn't played, that's 
where the center of confluence was slated.

we were packed in so tight, and it was still hot so hot, I thought I 
was going to lose consciousness - twice. and I was the oldest person 
I saw among about a thousand other sweaty people I came into body 
contact with. the energy kept us all alive, before AND after.

we were so close together
we were so far apart

(name that song, trivia buffs!)

even though they played with less-than-optimal sound equipment (wish 
it was WAY louder), standing sweaty-shoulder to sweaty-shoulder with 
all those great people who (surprise!) also knew all the lyrics and 
were singing along w/ Zack made it even better.

RAtM even covered "Kick out the Jams," a song that endures some 
disrepute of being the actual incantation invoking the last great 
wave of united protest that grew from Chicago Dem convention in '68.

I feel RAtM's selection was entirely appropriate for the occasion.

even these guys sweat for the man... as we all do.
they're trying to sell revolution. let me tell you from years of 
experience, ain't no gain in that, unless you're an artist.


This time the bullet cold rocked ya
A yellow ribbon instead of a swastika
Nothin' proper about ya propaganda
Fools follow rules when the set commands ya
They said it was blue
When the blood was red
That's how you got a bullet blasted through ya head

Blasted through ya head
Blasted through ya head

I give a shout out to the living dead
Who stood and watched as the feds cold centralized
So serene on the screen
You was mesmerized
Cellular phones soundin' a death tone
Corporations cold
Turn ya to stone before ya realize

They load the clip in omnicolor
They pack the 9, they fire it at prime time
Sleeping gas, every home was like Alcatraz
And mutha fuckas lost their minds

Just victims of the in-house drive-by
They say jump you say how high
They load the clip in omnicolor
They pack the 9, they fire it at prime time
Sleeping gas, every home was like Alcatraz
And mutha fuckas lost their minds

No escape from the mass mind rape
Play it again jack and then rewind the tape
Play it again and again and again
Until ya mind gets locked in
Believin' all the lies that they're tellin' ya
Buying all the products that they're sellin' ya
They say jump
Ya say how high
Ya brain dead
Ya got a fuckin' bullet in ya head

Just victims of the in-house drive-by
they say jump you say how high

Ya standin' in line
Believin' the lies
Bowin' down to the flag
Ya gotta bullet in ya head

-Rage Against the Machine

(in pale homage to HST)

Rivaling wannabe "leaders" of the "free" world, clad in the rich 
wardrobe of American Democracy, were feted in the cities of 
Philadelphia and Los Angeles last month. A gazillion cops were also 
on hand, specially trained and prepared to hold their gun muzzles 
against the head of anyone who might be so guileless, or so bold, 
that she or he would exclaim: "But, HE'S NAKED!"

The corporate media marked the passage of these ceremonies by 
pointing their cameras and microphones alternately between the 
unfolding political circus and their own navels. Story at 5. Pictures 
at 11.

Maybe it would be simpler to just tell the story. Please be patient, 
the following narrative is going to be a bumpy ride.

Primary Finding: Anarchists and cops are the only groups sufficiently 
organized, disciplined and militant to march around the streets of LA 
clad dome to sole entirely in black beneath the August noonday sun. 
The easiest distinction is one group acts from deliberate ethical 
intent, and the other is making that fat, fine overtime pay 'just to 
have some fun kickin' them disrespectful punk's asses'.

Twelve COH staffers invaded the City of Angels to protest the 
Democratic National Convention, and to make dammed certain that we 
let them know we were thoroughly pissed that deepening poverty and 
growing homelessness figures nowhere in the national political 
dialogue. Once there, we joined allies from POWER, Food Not Bombs, 
Media Alliance, the National Lawyers Guild, and many, many others we 
have struggled beside here in San Francisco.

We know, you're asking: "what could homeless people and their allies 
possibly have to criticize about the last seven and a half years of 
national policy?"

Well... there's the criminalization of homelessness, welfare reform, 
privatization of the "homeless industry," the actual segregation of 
homeless children into "homeless schools," managed care, draconian 
housing policies from HUD, overt racism masquerading as immigration 
policies and sentencing practices, this stupid-assed war on drug 
users turning our poorest neighborhoods into occupied territories and 
"containment zones," unprecedentedly savage gentrification displacing 
more poor people every day, spiraling corporate welfare; and all the 
while there's more homelessness, more homeless people, more homeless 
people's civil and human rights being violated, more homeless deaths 
and more human suffering.

Our corporate media refuses to report on but a precious few aspects 
of this national disgrace, and then usually only because some elected 
official or pundit or "think-tank" issued a press release or report 
designed to hijack issues surrounding welfare, homelessness and 
poverty as a vehicle to maintain the status quo.

What solutions do the major interchangeable presidential contenders 
have to offer? Compassionate conservatism? Privatizing the "homeless 
industry?" Charitable choice? Privatizing prisons? Another Kosovo in 
Columbia? More laws? More prisons? More cops? Less housing? Less 
education? Less treatment? And still MORE COPS? Which candidate will 
lose any sleep over the death penalty?

Who will author the least human suffering?

How much more fear, how much loathing can Americans endure before our 
society finally unravels?

Bottom line: unreigned corporate globalization is incorporating the 
slickest, most sophisticated aspects of fascism for its own greed, 
and has refashioned our reputedly unbiased media into a propaganda 
organ in the service of profit, pure and simple. Only this time, the 
repression is on a global scale.

Freedom fighters from around the world assembled in a conspiracy of 
hope at the Convergence Center, a run-down multi-storied warehouse on 
7th St. near MacArthur Park in LA. The Convergence was quite an 
operation, with people volunteering together to do everything - from 
cooking and serving regularly scheduled, tasty vegan meals to making 
puppets and banners. Trainings and meetings were many and ongoing. 
The whole building hummed with organized cooperation and purpose. And 

Human Need Not Corporate Greed (read: People not Profits) was the 
theme of one protest on the opening day of DNC 2000. It was a good 
fit for the COH crew: homeless people, day laborers from the Mission, 
ex-drug war POWs, people with psychiatric labels, and other working 
poor people. The same people who are commodified and milled into 
corporate profit by criminalizing, incarcerating, institutionalizing, 
scapegoating, and killing.

At this writing (8/22/00) both of our SF dailies (who operate joint 
publishing operations to maximize profit) reported that the CEOs of 
United Airlines, Sprint, Citigroup, Time Warner, Bank of America, 
Burger King, Monsanto, United Parcel Service and IBM have hailed the 
overhaul (read: "gutting") of our nation's welfare system as a 
success. If one measures "success" by the amount of shit one can heap 
on already underpaid employees because they're scared to death of 
losing their jobs and falling into poverty or homelessness - 
especially since many employees of those same corporations did become 
poor or homeless when their jobs were "outsourced" right on outside 
of our borders - then they do have cause to celebrate.

We have lots of Burger King employees right here in the City of St. 
Francis who are working and homeless, as well as many Bank of America 
employees looking at months (or years) of unemployment or temporary 
work following the next "staff adjustment." Media juggernaut Time 
Warner/AOL reports on the widening income gap are non-existent or 
misleading, UPS drivers wear computerized monitors on their hips to 
track their minute-to-minute activities while workers at their 
sorting depots are treated like automatons, and Monsanto's mad 
science threatens our very biosphere. Citigroup is widely reviled as 
the major underwriter for several of the most ecologically damaging 
third-world developments, anyone who flies United out of SFO 
typically spends more time on the runway than in the air, and even 
the interloping dot-commers flourish or perish at the whims of the 
corporate monopolizers of the new information/communications economy.

Today, there's millions of Americans so desperate to be able to pay 
rent and buy milk and have clean diapers for the baby that they would 
do almost anything to get any crappy, dead-end job. And they'll smile 
obediently every time the boss breaks the news that there's mandatory 

The demonstration was a joyous festival of defiance and unity. Every 
age and flavor of humanity was represented as the march swelled and 
filled the streets of Los Angeles. Beautifully rendered, 
thought-provoking puppets towered above us as we chanted and sang in 
the rhythm of humanity. And in the peaceful company of all our old 
friends, and all our new allies, the dawning realization that we were 
part of the first unified people's movement since the 1960's became 
clear. It felt just like coming home. Or in the words of poet and 
local cultural treasure Diamond Dave Whitaker, "People on the move - 
now that's a movement."

But the real spectacle lay at every intersection we marched past. 
Regiments and battalions of black-clad LAPD shock troops stood ready, 
awaiting the command - the command to assault, the command to spray, 
the command to fire "non-lethal" projectiles, and, ultimately, the 
command to use deadly force. They were eager for action, and they had 
a string of blows to their undeserved pride reaching back from before 
the Rodney King uprising to amend.

This time LAPD decided to begin their potentially lethal pissing 
match after the cowardly cover of nightfall.

After Rage Against the Machine's protest performance, LAPD pulled the 
plug two songs into Ozomatli's set. They commandeered the stage and 
gave the estimated 10-15,000 protesters and concertgoers verbal 
orders that they had 15 minutes to leave the area. About 10 minutes 
later the cops charged into the crowd of stragglers - who were still 
trying to comply - and assaulted anyone handy with batons, pepper 
spray, tear gas, stun grenades and rubber bullets.

Lots of rubber bullets.

There are many conflicting reports explaining why LAPD attacked 
hundreds of people who were only trying to follow the official police 
instructions. To be sure, there were some people trying to antagonize 
the cops (who were just as guilty of trying to intimidate and provoke 
all of us), but perhaps it can be broken down something like this: 
put an army of reactionary morons armed to the teeth in a 
high-pressure situation, then just ask them to sit still after a flag 
is conspicuously burned for their benefit and 15,000 people flip them 
off screaming "FUCK YOU, I WON'T DO WHAT YOU TELL ME!!!" along with 
Zack De La Rocha of RAtM. LAPD must have personalized it, or 
something, then - overkill.

*	*	*

Yes I know my enemies
They're the teachers who taught me to fight me
Compromise, conformity, assimilation, submission,
Ignorance, hypocrisy, brutality, the elite...

All of which are American dreams

All of which are American dreams

All of which are American dreams

All of which are American dreams...

- RAtM

*	*	*

And then lots of people started getting hurt while the Democratic 
Party wallowed in masturbatory self-congratulations over their last 
seven and a half years of solid advantage in the ongoing economic 
exploitation of the American public.

Dumb luck was the sole reason our group struck out down Olympic Ave. 
to Loyola Law School, where our van was parked. Had we attempted to 
exit on Figueroa, we would have probably landed in the frying pan as 
well. Much later, as we were preparing to leave the Convergence 
Center for the evening, escapees from LAPD's ambush began arriving. 
Many were tattooed with welts and bruises from rubber bullets and 
batons, others had been trampled by charging mounted police.

As we stood on the sidewalk of an otherwise quiet 7th St. gathering 
eyewitness accounts, a late model silver Thunderbird stopped in 
mid-block and the driver, a uniformed LAPD member, leaned from his 
window and shouted threats at us. That's when we decided it would be 
wise to retreat to safety until daylight.

Later that night, a few of us watched LA's FOX news coverage of the 
days events in a darkened motel room directly under the orbit of one 
of the many helicopters that droned above like mad monster hornets 
from some '50s Japanese sci-fi flick.

(This is where I have to break this down from the "we" to a personal 
level. I don't own a working television. The last time I watched TV 
regularly was before my last one stopped working back in '96. I find 
the quiet soothing, and I get to do lots more reading. Besides, I'm 
online so many hours already - why would I want to stare at yet 
another box that only tells me lies and sells me shit I don't even 
want? And once a person finally pulls the plug, the transparency of 
television's propaganda on those ramdom occasions when one does watch 
is absolutely shocking.- c.m.)

About 10:30 p.m., the news cut to a live LAPD press conference that 
was nothing less than a patent attempt to spin considerable public 
relations damage control around the near-riot they initiated. 
Commander David Kalish downplayed LAPD's role, and instead portrayed 
the protesters and concertgoers as violent. (Sorry, but climbing a 
fence to better see a concert or tossing an empty plastic water 
bottle over the fence at cops in storm trooper drag aren't violent 
acts in anyone's book.) When a couple of reporters who had been 
caught up in the ambush (one was trampled) started to ask questions 
that were uncomfortably closer to the actual events that took place, 
Kalish cut them off with, "You should have left the area when you 
were told." That's when we knew the pervasive LAPD posture of 
overkill and outright provocation was only going to get worse. 
Somehow, it was a relieving to see some of our worst suspicions 

After LAPD's revisionist version of the facts was spoon-fed to the 
pandering media, FOX's female anchor was promising to serve up the 
President blathering about something or other to a bunch of Hollywood 
fatcats forking over heavy dough. We thought that might be good for a 
laugh (our eyes were growing heavy) but instead we got an hour and 
fifteen minutes of "news bulletin" chronicling a high-speed chase 
back and forth on LA's freeways.

The amazing part of this near-hypnotic display was that this "armed 
and dangerous" carjacker was able to exit the freeway time and again 
only to re-enter it in the opposite direction, with three patrol cars 
in pursuit and a helicopter tracking the car, even matching its 
ground speed, from above. There was this conspicuous lack of law 
enforcement capacity to block the car whenever it left freeway 
traffic. Any guesses why? Maybe all the local cops were driving 
around the Convergence Center screaming obscene threats at protesters.

The whole time the "reporter" in the chopper was extolling praise for 
LAPD and cops in general - at one point earnestly gushing about how 
LAPD officers are trained in "bio-feedback techniques" so they can 
remain  objective in situations when their adrenaline levels are 
peaking. Gee, guess that's why the cops at Staples Center exhibited 
such exemplary restraint, right? In fact, the whole "news alert" 
amounted to little more than an info-mercial selling our brave new 
militarized police state to all drawn to the "emergency," just like 
moths to the flame.

A new suspicion then dawned - isn't this the same network that churns 
out pro-police propaganda like "COPS?" Like "America's Greatest Car 
Chases?" Can we actually believe this wasn't staged? That it wasn't a 
stunt driver leading the distraction? Come on, this is Hollywood!

Aren't the strings to the Democrats, the Republicans the LAPD, AND 
the media held by the same few sets of greedy little fingers?

So, what do you suppose WE should do to hold broadcast media 
accountable to the People?

Protest corporate media!
Slam the NAB in San Francisco Sept. 20-23, 2000.
For more details check out:
or www.radio4all.org.

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