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William Tinker wtinker@fcgnetworks.net
Tue, 29 Aug 2000 19:13:55 -0400

Hey People!!
This looks so much like a very good opportunity for another NHHomeless and
friends picket concerning Franklin, New Hampshires disgusting display of
disregard for persons lives and displacement of them... for a asphalt
parking lot!
And now they want to celebrate??
OK!!! Tom, Bunny, Paul,Cindy and all other advocates for disabled and
displaced persons human rights what do we do let this pass or do a local
Governor Shaheen and Rick Trombly really are the ones that need some
enlightenment especially before the elections !!
What do you say unit on this can we ?
A Brother Bill

Gov. to be on hand for Jenna's day

             Lakes Region News
             Tuesday, August 29, 2000

                    Gov. to be on hand for Jenna's day

                    By GORDON D. KING

                    Staff Writer

                    FRANKLIN - "Survivor," the CBS-TV summer hit about 16
  people stranded on a South Pacific Island, may be over, but things are
  getting started for Jenna Lewis, one of the survivors.

                    She was recently seen on VH1 as a presenter on a music
  show and is scheduled to be on "Hollywood Squares." On Sunday it will be
  Jenna Lewis Day in the city.

                    Guests in addition to her parents, former Mayor James
  Lewis and wife, Shirlene, her twin daughters and other family members will
  include Gov. Jeanne Shaheen and state Sen. Rick Trombly, whose district
  includes the city.

                    "Gov. Shaheen confirmed this morning that she will be on
  hand Sunday to greet Jenna," said City Manager Donna Nashawaty.

                    The governor will present Lewis with a proclamation on
  behalf of the state. Trombly will present her with a Senate resolution
  citing her achievements in promoting the city and state.

                    Mayor Tony Giunta said he will present Lewis with a
  proclamation declaring Sunday as Jenna Lewis Day in the city.

                    The mayor said he is extremely proud of Lewis.

                    "The story behind the story is her decision to not pose
  for Playboy. She stuck to her moral position and not go for the bucks. I
  have received a lot of positive feedback since that decision was
 the mayor said.

                    Sunday's festivities will take place at Odell Park
 starting at 1 p.m. The park will open at 11 a.m. Those attending are
 to bring a blanket or chair.

                    In addition to receiving the proclamations, Lewis will
  honored by Guy Giunta Jr. of the Governor's Lilac Commission, Franklin
  School Board Chairman Kathy Fuller and the U.S. Postal Service.

                    Susan J. Hastings, USPS communications specialist, will
  present Lewis with a poster of the newly released postage stamp featuring
  tropical bird.

                    Following a question and answer period from the audience
  and members of the press, Lewis will be autographing hats and photographs

                    The photograph is one of her taken on the island wearing
  the pink bikini which she made famous during the show. The city manager
  the donation for the photograph is $4 and $9 for the hat. All proceeds
  go towards the purchase of books for the schools and sports equipment.

                    Mayor Giunta said interest from the news media is high.

                    "I have done some interviews with Boston stations and 10
  television and radio stations have expressed an interested in being here
  Sunday," the mayor said.

                    There will be music throughout the event.

                    The city manager said the flatbed will be used as a
  A group of volunteers will decorate it with a tropical island motif..

                    Memorial Street which leads to Odell Park will be closed
  to traffic at 9 a.m.

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