[Hpn] (tech) 404 page design

Anitra Freeman anitra@speakeasy.org
Sun, 27 Aug 2000 21:19:09 -0700 (PDT)

Real Change is getting a complete site overhaul.  I'm advocating for
leaving the existing archives here they are, and just putting new pages
in the new directory system.  In case I don't win, however, I went
looking for a way to direct all 404 errors to a page where I can explain
the update and redirect any lost surfers to the index page.

I found it, and it is *easy*.  You just create an html page to
display whenever you get a 404 error and post it; called, say,
notfound.html.  Then create a text file called .htaccess, include the
	ErrorDocument 404 /notfound.html
and put .htaccess in your root directory.

Works like a charm.  Try going to a non-existent page like
http://www.realchangenews.org/seriouslywes.html and see what happens.

I thought I'd post this in case anyone else can use it in the future.

And if you want to check out and comment on the new Real Change, the URL
is http://www.realchangenews.org/

StreetWrites, StreetLife, and the MacWorkshop are all staying at their
original locations, by the way!  For all of you who have pages posted,
you don't have to scramble to give everyone a forwarding
address.  *That* I won the argument on.

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