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I don't think there's a quick solution, because every person holding a sign is
offering a service for money. It's the American way. The service they offer is
very immediate and straightforward, it's all about easing our guilt after
reminding us of it.

Here in Seattle we suggest that people buy coupons to the places offering
decent food to the homeless, like Boomtown Cafe.

A longer-term solution might be to create new capacity-based community
building programs (attend an upcoming training by ABCD to find out how). Or
Time Dollars/barter programs to offer attractive alternatives to quick cash.

But the homeless people and felons I've worked with all agree that holding up
those signs can be more lucrative than working 9 to 5. As long as our society
defines our worth by our income, those sign carriers are more "successful" as
entrepreneurs than many of us service providers!

It seems the only thing stronger--and more readily available--than quick
profits is community. So why is community building so low on our national
priority lists?


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