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          And guess what folks they are guilty as charged!

             Lakes Region News
             Friday, August 25, 2000

            3 Northfield officers arrested; released on bail

            By GORDON D. KING

                    Staff Writer

                  NORTHFIELD NH - Three police officers have been arrested
 charged with assault following a three-month investigation into possible
 on-the-job misconduct.

                   The officers surrendered themselves to the Merrimack
  County Sheriff's Department Thursday and were released on bail.

                   Adam Roy, 38, of Webster, a patrolman with the department
  has been charged by the Merrimack County Attorney's Office with two counts
  of simple assault and one count of theft by deception.

                   Joseph Corso, 49, of Meredith, a lieutenant with the
  department, and Douglas Trottier, 29, of Northfield, a patrolman, have
  been charged with one count of simple assault.

                   All of the incidents are alleged to have occurred while
  the officers were on duty.

                   The three officers were each released on $250 personal
  recognizance bail. They are scheduled to be arraigned in Merrimack County
  Superior Court on Sept. 6.

                   Merrimack County Attorney Michael Johnson said the
  stem from an investigation into possible criminal activities by the
  officers. The Sheriff's Department conducted the three-months-long
  investigation after Police Chief Scott Hilliard received complaints about
  Corso and Roy.

                   The charges against Corso and Roy stem from an incident
  which occurred on Feb. 19. when they are alleged to have grabbed a woman
  the arm while in the process of arresting her.

                   "I consider this charge frivolous and look very much
  forward to going to trial on this matter," said Attorney Mark Sisti, who
  representing Corso.

                   Charges against Roy stem from three separate incidents,
  according to court documents made public on Thursday. Two of three
  complaints brought against Roy were done through the grand jury process in

                   The court granted a motion to seal records about the
  pending charges because two of the three victims live in town. The court
  unsealed the records early Thursday and issued warrants for the arrest of
  the three men.

                   The assault charges against Roy alleges the officer
  the hips and buttocks of one woman, and brushed the hair off the shoulder
  another women.

                   The theft by deception charge stems from an alleged
  incident with a third woman. Roy allegedly told the woman he was entitled
  a $50 fee for appearing in Franklin District Court to testify in a matter
  pertaining to the woman. The woman reportedly gave Roy $20 which he is
  alleged to have kept instead of turning it over to the town as required.

                   Corso and Roy have been on paid administrative leave
  April when Hilliard received reports about their conduct and ask for an
  independent investigation to be conducted.

                   The Board of Selectmen held at emergency meeting early
  Thursday morning and decided to place Trottier on administrative leave
  pay for four weeks.

                   "It will be at the option of the police chief to request
  an extension after that," said Joyce Fulweiler, town administrator.

                   She said the selectmen are seeking advice from the town's
  attorney regarding what steps to take next regarding Corso and Roy now
  they have been charged.

                   The administrator declined to comment on the
  itself as did the police chief. They referred all inquiries to County
  Attorney Michael Johnson who said he plans to proceed with full
  of the three officers.

                   Placing three officers on administrative leave has not
  hurt the police department's coverage of the town, but it has been costly.

                   The town administrator said Bobby Akerstrom and Ed
  have been hired as part-time officers.

                   "The town is being covered," Johnson said.

                   Fulweiler said the department was allocated $25,000 for
  part time help in this year's budget and has already spent $31,000. Only
  two-thirds of the $15,000 overtime account has been spent.

                    "We are in good shape at this point, but we have
  the part-time officer account. The difference comes off the bottom line of
  the budget," she said.

                   If convicted the officers could lose their certification
  as police officers which means none could not work in this state as a
  policeman or corrections officer, according to Earl Sweeney of the Police
  Standards and Training Council.

                   Sweeney said if a police officer is arrested the
  agency is required to notify the council within 14 days.

                   "We start tracking the officer at that point. If we feel
  the public safety is in question we can revoke an officer's certification
  pending the outcome of the trial. If the officer is not working we wait
  until the outcome of the trial," the director said.

                   If a police officer is convicted they are entitled to a
  hearing before a 12-member council which is appointed by the governor
  the certification is revoked.

                   Sweeney said it is also possible that police officers who
  lose their certification may not be able to work in other states.

                   "Other states check with us to see if an officer is
  certified before hiring them" he said.

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