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Hi ,  thanks for the excellent overview.  I'd much appreciate knowing what
makes up the population involved. Is it those on public assistance?  Those
in Kaiser? Other? Once I know thism and can  can link to such a statute, I
think I can undertake a bit of study and get back.

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> Hi Linda,
> I will have to confess that I don't have an URL at my fingertips
> summarizing commit to community, or involuntary outpatient commitment
> (as it is called in some states). I have however forwarded this onto
> another national list (on homelessness) where this subject has had a long
> and continuing thread. I am sure that someone there can get you to where
> you want to go.
> All generalizations are false. With that said, a quick recap is going to
> read something like this...
<followed by a very informative summary, see tom's porior post>.