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Fri, 25 Aug 2000 16:56:53 +0200

A chain of advanced radar stations is a necessary part of
Clinton / Gore / Bush's plans for obeying to their weapons
producing masters by establishing the notorious anti-missile
NMD project and thereby start a new profitable arms race.

One of the indispensable radar stations is the Thule radar
in Greenland that is colonized by Denmark.

Strangely enough the Greenlanders are opposed to becoming
a missile target for the purpose of protecting the aggressors
from retaliation.

In spite of the European opposition to this insane project that
even violates the international treaties, the opportunist 'social-
democratically' dominated Danish government has refused to
decide on the permission for expansion of the radar station.

In the 'social-democratic' opportunist tradition the government
tries to avoid any inconvenience.

In stead of taking a firm stand, the government tries to shirk
the dilemma arising from the normal Danish governmental
subversiveness to US policies.

As always, not least with regard to Greenland, the ruling
Danish politicians only deliver lie, obscurity, deceit, fait

Furthermore, the danish prime minister having been blessed
with the golden sunshine irradiated from the crown of power
of Clinton during personal meetings, a disgraceful opposition
to the imperialist warmonger seems unthinkable, even if the
prime minister also is under pressure in the opposite direction
from his rather big EU allies.

Hopefully the balance for the moment after all might be

As the Thule radar is a necessary link in the NMD project,
this unique situation might be the last chance of stopping the
star war future.

Therefore, please send IMMEDIATELY an e-mail or fax to
the Danish prime minister,
e-mail address :  stm@stm.dk
Fax no. :   + 45 33 11 16 65
It may be formed as a petition and/or argument and/or threat
of boycott.
A copy should be sent to United Peoples, Secr.

A short sample letter follows :

Mr Poul Nyrup Rasmussen,
Prime Minister

Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

Re:  The US  NMD  star war project, the Thule radar station.

Considering the immeasurable very dangerous consequences
of the US  NMD  arms race project I / we  hereby urgently
request that you respect the will of the people of Greenland
and refuse allowance for expansion and use of the Thule radar
station for this purpose.




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