[Hpn] Ministers may have trespassed..also the city may have filed these charges to attempt to give Pastors and residents a black eye! charges to attempt to give Pastors and residents a black eye!

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Wed, 23 Aug 2000 11:52:32 -0400

 GROUPS,Governor Shaheen,and SenatorTrombly please you must understand that
 this city has been violating human rights and constitutional rights also,so
 in order to draw the heat from themselves they file false charges to
 to make their case look better!
 I personally know these two pastors and they would not deliberately break
 the law,its my belief that Franklin City Managers Office is directing a
 campaign of fabricated and false information,if you have read the accounts
 from the beginning you would know that she has lied from the get go ..first
 thing was that Franklin was not responsible for the displaced families once
 they were evicted! New Hampshire State law RSA 165-1 states other wise!
 Get real Franklin its time that local and state governments were brought to
 task on their discriminatory actions,which border on hate crimes!As some of
 these children being displaced are special needs children!
 A Brother In The Homeless Struggle


        Ministers may have trespassed

        They allegedly worked on city-rented building
        Wednesday, August 23, 2000

        By JOHN NOONAN
        Monitor staff


        Two ministers who bought three Franklin Street properties that were
  recently seized by the city by eminent domain may be found in contempt of
  July 26 court order that prohibited them from gaining access and making
  cosmetic improvements to five city-rented apartments in the buildings.

        Paul Fitzgerald, attorney for the city, presented photographic
  evidence in Franklin District Court yesterday showing the condition of the
  apartments on July 26 and Aug. 3, the date the city filed with the board
  tax and land appeals to take possession of the buildings.

        Fitzgerald said the photographs clearly showed that cosmetic
  improvements had indeed been made to the apartments, in violation of a
  previous court order prohibiting the ministers from entering the
  The city rented the apartments from the previous owner, Morgan Kraus of
  Bohemia, N.Y., in late June because the apartments were then vacant. The
  city did not want Kraus to find additional tenants who would only be
  displaced once planned eminent-domain proceedings were under way.

        Dennis Murphree and Bob Mears of New Covenant Fellowship Church had
  petitioned the court for a temporary order granting them access to the
  apartments July 26 in order to make emergency repairs. The city, as
  had refused to grant the ministers permission to enter their rented

        Judge W.H. Dale Towney-Tilson had granted the ministers access on
  26 only to 33 Franklin St., Apt. 5, but only for the purpose of repairing
  pipe that was leaking water into other apartments. The judge did not, at
  that time, find any other apartments in need of emergency repairs.

       Murphree and Mears bought the buildings from Kraus shortly before the
  city was initially scheduled to take possession. The ministers, citing an
  affordable housing shortage, said they hoped to fix up the buildings in
  order to persuade the city not to seize the buildings.

        Yesterday's hearing was initially scheduled to further address the
  ministers' desire to make improvements on the apartments. But Murphree and
  Mears moved yesterday to dismiss their July 26 motion because the city had
  already taken possession of the properties.

        "Our whole reason for wanting to appear before the court no longer
  exists," Mears said.

        Murphree told Townley-Tilson yesterday that he had not been aware
 a court order existed until the police arrived to inform him he was
 prohibited from making improvements to the city-owned apartments. Murphree
 was away on business and did not appear at the July 26 hearing, but had
 granted building manager Karl Kuehn the power of attorney to appear on his

        Murphree claimed Kuehn never told him about the court order. Several
  volunteers had been assisting the ministers in conducting the cosmetic
  repairs. Murphree said that a coat of paint may have been applied to some
  city-owned apartments without his knowledge.

        Mears, however, did attend the July 26 hearing.

        "While they were our property, we felt that it was the will of God
  put them in the best possible condition," Mears said.

        Townley-Tilson said he will take the matter under advisement before
  determining whether the ministers knowingly and willfully defied the
  order. The ministers may be subject to a fine.

        "Everyone has the right to be heard in court, and that's the place
  them to defend their actions," said City Manager Donna Nashawaty.

        Nashawaty said the city pursued the contempt of court proceedings in
  part to ensure that the public record noted the ministers allegedly
  the apartments without permission.

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