[Hpn] Fwd: SF Bay Area's Worst Slumlords

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Tue, 22 Aug 2000 22:38:01 -0700

hi-diddley-ho, neighbors!

interesting media strategy, eh? I think this is an idea that could be 
replicated in any city, and not too very difficultly, and could 
really stir some serious local shit. try it in your own 
home(less)town. amaze your friends! publicize it widely. get 
unexpected and exciting results.

of course, that could only mean upsetting the status quo. oh, dear. 
oh, my. oh, well.



ps- the next *fun* journalism project will be the 25 non-profit 
agencies that pull in most $$ providing homeless services in SF - 
PLUS a first-ever actual dollar count of all the local, state, and 
federal moolah (our tax money, for cryin' out loud) that goes to 
homeless services in SF. our local government leaders are so lame 
they haven't been able to come up with the figure after several 
attempts. estimated posting will be in dec - jan. cm


Please forward this email to folks who'll be interested. Also, FYI,
Joe O'Donoghue had his lawyers send me a letter today accusing me of
defaming him and inciting people to commit acts of violence against him
--all because I said on KPFA that he'd be included in this list.

Andrea Buffa
Media Alliance


For immediate release:			Contact:
August 22, 2000				Andrea Buffa (415) 546-6334 x309

Worst Bay Area Slumlords and Real Estate Speculators List Posted on
Internet at www.media-alliance.org/housing

Bay Area housing and homelessness activists collaborate with independent
journalists to cover the housing crisis from a pro-tenant perspective.

San Francisco, CA-Tenant activists and independent journalists have
posted a list of the 45 worst slumlords, real estate speculators, and
gentrification profiteers of San Francisco and the East Bay on the Internet
at www.media-alliance.org/housing.The list, which was developed by journalists
who interviewed dozens of tenant attorneys, tenants, and housing activists,
is part of The Housing Project, an independent media center that was formed
in June to cover the Bay Area housing crisis from a pro-tenant perspective.

Inspired by the Independent Media Center that was created during the World
Trade Organization meeting and protests in Seattle last November
(www.indymedia.org), the Bay Area Alternative Media Network brought
together independent media makers and media activists-videomakers,
illustrators, writers, photographers, radio journalists, artists, and web
activists-with homeless people, tenants, and housing rights activists to
produce short pieces on the Bay Area housing crisis.

BAAMN chose the housing crisis for this model project, because it affects
every type of person in the Bay Area-from public housing tenants whose
homes are being threatened with demolition to seniors who are being evicted
from homes they've lived in for the last 20 years to middle-income people
who are being squeezed out of the market by high-paid dot.com employees.

The project is endorsed by BAAMN, Coalition on Homelessness, Housing Rights
Committee, Mission Agenda, Media Alliance, Poor Magazine, San Francisco
Tenants Union, IndyBay Media, Street Spirit, Video Activist Network, San
Francisco Bay Guardian, and San Francisco BayView.

Among the 45 worst slumlords, real estate speculators, and gentrification
profiteers are Zephyr Real Estate, Angelo Sangiacomo, Bill Tajkor, the San
Francisco Housing Authority, Joe O'Donoghue*, and the dot.com phenomenon
of San Francisco. East Bay individuals on the list include Henry Kahn,
Richard Thomas, Lakireddy Bali Reddy, and the Oakland Housing Authority.
Other stories on the website include reports from the Just Cause Eviction
protests in Oakland and the anti-gentrification protests in San Francisco;
testimonies from formerly homeless people of the East Bay about how 
to eliminate homelessness; and articles about single-room-occupancy 
hotels and the upcoming
pro-tenant San Francisco ballot initiatives. More stories, including video
clips, will be posted on the website on a weekly basis. Website visitors can
also post their own stories. Any media outlet is welcome to re-publish the
stories on the website after getting permission from the author (call Media
Alliance for author contact info.).

*Joe O'Donoghue's attorneys sent a cease and desist order to Andrea Buffa of
Media Alliance on 8/18/00 for stating on KPFA radio that O'Donoghue would be
included in this list.

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