[Hpn] LAPD Heavy-Handed Anti-Protest Tactics scored in UK press FWD

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Tue, 22 Aug 2000 06:36:16 -0400

hey i was there and the lapd is full of shit...they wanted to outdo chicago
69 by using the same ugly oppressive methids

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> Subject: [Hpn] LAPD Heavy-Handed Anti-Protest Tactics scored in UK press 
> Date: Tuesday, August 22, 2000 2:10 AM
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> FWD The Independent / UK - Sunday, August 20, 2000
> by Andrew Gumbel in Los Angeles
>         After Al Gore, perhaps nobody needed last week's Democratic
> convention to go smoothly more than the Los Angeles Police Department.
> a reputation for brutality and mired by corruption scandals, the LAPD was
> not merely concerned to keep the peace; with Justice Department officials
> breathing down its neck, its independence was at stake.
>         The good news, after four days of chasing groups of protesters
> over downtown Los Angeles, was that no crowd was allowed to run out of
> control, no property was damaged, and only 200 arrests were made.
>         The bad news was that the LAPD was caught on camera firing rubber
> bullets indiscriminately into a crowd of overwhelmingly peaceful
> concert-goers on Monday night. It is now being sued by civil rights
> for targeting television journalists at that gathering, presumably to
> prevent incriminating footage from being released. It also arrested two
> journalists during a bicycle protest two days later.
>         The paramilitary hardware in the city's streetskept
> at bay, but also raised old concerns that the LAPD is more interested in
> being a fighting force than defending the rights of citizens.
>         Both before and during the convention, the courts rapped the
> knuckles three times for attempting to restrict the rights of protesters.
>         And now there is a new controversy about last week's use of
> undercover agents - a power removed from the LAPD for several years
> it was suspected that its operatives incited violence that uniformed
> officers could then respond to.
>         The LAPD came out of the week almost ecstatic. "Morale is high
> right now, higher than it's been for some time,'' said Deputy Chief
> Pomeroy.
>         But almost everyone else disagreed. Dan Tokaji, a lawyer for the
> American Civil Liberties Union, said there was now a compelling case for
> putting the LAPD under the supervision of the Justice Department.
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