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William Tinker wtinker@fcgnetworks.net
Mon, 21 Aug 2000 13:44:33 -0400

Dear Pastor Mears,and Pastor Murphree,
 Please do not plead to these charges in Franklin District Court request
waiving of the reading of the charges and appeal them  to Merrimack County
Superior Court this is nothing short of  false arrest & harrassment!I think
I can speak for the majority of NHHomeless and say we support you in this
obvious  discrimination of the poor by a city government run amoke!Also we
plan a peacefull informational picket of Franklin New Hampshires City Hall
on Friday the 25,2000!
We were wondering if we could meet at the church and make our posters and go
from there on Friday?Please let us know if this is possible?
Remember for years I was harrassed by this vengefull vindictive mind set of
a certain few so called Franklin,s finest who later on were found out to be
not so fine,when Governor Peterson had his task force in operation,a lot of
bad apples quit or were removed from public duty!
You have remained peacefull and up beat my problem back then was I would
fight fire with fire and so I did a lot of time working for the county! But
those years were then this is now I would hope we have taken a few steps
into a new world forward from then to now?
A Brother In This Struggle

William Charles Tinker
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Northfield,New Hampshire 03276
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  Dear Bill and Jamie:
      Dennis and Bob will be in Franklin District Court Tues. 8/22 at 1:30
P.M.  City wants to find them in contempt of court for making repairs to
their apartments.