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CBC News

Chretien hit with a pie
WebPosted Wed Aug 16 15:41:40 2000

CHARLOTTETOWN - The prime minister got a pie in the face on Wednesday.
Jean Chretien was on a meet-and-greet tour in Prince Edward Island when a
demonstrator slipped up to him and hit him with a cream pie.

Now there are questions about just how good the security is for the prime

The RCMP said they are taking the incident very seriously. Staff Sgt.
Andre Guertin told reporters a security expert will be looking into the

Guertin said in terms of security, the police have to strike a balance
between locking the prime minister in an ivory tower, and allowing him to
be accessible to the Canadian public.

Police hustled the pie thrower away. He's Evan Brown, 23, from
Charlottetown. Brown said he was part of the 'P.E.I. pie brigade.'

He said he was upset about several things. "A protest from students, a
protest for people on welfare, a protest for reform," he shouted as police
led him away.

Brown has been charged with assault.

Aaron Kolezar, an Island social activist, was with Brown. He explained,
"From what I understand the P.E.I. pie brigade has put a pie in the face
of Chretien, a direct hit I might add," Kolezar gloated.

"This is for all of Jean Chretien's social crimes but in particular
because he is force feeding genetically engineered food on the public of
Canada without any testing or labelling and he's also trying to force feed
it on the rest of the world," said Kolezar.

The prime minister was led to a washroom where he cleaned up and was back
shaking hands in a few minutes.

Chretien was set to play golf in the afternoon with P.E.I.'s most famous
golfer, Lorie Kane.