[Hpn] Re: [nhhomeless] organizing a demonstration

William Tinker wtinker@fcgnetworks.net
Mon, 14 Aug 2000 10:58:23 -0400

Jaime G.,Dennis M.,Karl K,Robert T,Robert .,Tom C.,Rosalie P.John& Kelly,and
all others that wish to be involved!
There is a real need to send a message that this man,s inhumanity to man
will not go unnoticed or will be a rallying point for poor american citizens
to kick their current uncaring politicians to the curb!
So New Covenant Fellowship Church are you ready to try it our way now?
Also please get back to NHHomeless@egroups.com for any posts that you want
to send also media coverage
news@wmur.com  news@concordmonitor.com
I will be happy to be a follower.....  as I said a soldier in this
crusade...but we must do some thing that if it calls international attention
to the plight of the remaining residents of Franklin Street Franklin NH then
so be it!
OK now all the groups I have contacted if you have any ideas and suggestions
or can spare some live bodies for a verbal protest [demonstration]we would
be very thank full!
JUST DO IT...................... RIGHT!!
Can we muster  some support from other homeless out reach places?
A Brother In The struggle Of Homelessness

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Sent: Monday, August 14, 2000 10:21 AM
Subject: [nhhomeless] organizing a demonstration

> Bill, Robert, everyone,
> I am willing to help organize a demonstration in Franklin, but we need to
> figure out a clear message and goal.  If we want to stop the city, it is
> critical that the tenants and other Franklin residents contribute their
> ideas and energy and participate.  If they are not on board, I think we
> should still shout out against the city, but in a more abstract way, such
> protest their disregard for housing and human rights.  OUr goal not being
> stop them, as much as to call attention to the larger issues of government
> turning their back on the poor.
> The first thing that needs to happen is someone, or a group of someones
> needs to go to the apartments on Franklin street and find out were the 25
> so remaining tennants stand, and ask them to help build signs, giant
> puppets, distribute flyers, etc.  We need them and their input.
> Bill, do you think that you could contact Karl, Bob and/or Dennis and get
> them to give you a ride over there and talk to the people??  This is
> crucial!  I'm stuck in Manchester without a car, so I'm pretty screwed for
> the next week or so.  Tell them that this weekend a group of activists
> to get together with wood, paper, and paint and start making some noise.
> Maybe we can have another cook out this weekend and use it to strategize
> build stuff, and distribute flyers.
> Along these lines, Robert, your flyer sounds good, but again, if it's
> written in the first person, the people who it is portraying should give
> their o.k., and support its distribution.  I would either wait to have it
> printed, or change the wording around a little bit.
> Bill, can you do this????  Robert, do you think that you can consult the
> tenants before you print (maybe you could go with Bill to Franklin
> street)???
> If we're going to move, lets move!
> -Jaime
> p.s.  Everyone who wants to participate in any way, keep this weekend
> and think about donating some food/time/energy.
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