[Hpn] Cheney Avoids Discussing His Record

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oh yeah, so homelessness has finally found its way into the election 
2000 dialogue. now we get to see who is most successful in laying the 
responsibility for our national homeless crisis at whomever else's 

Gush or Bore - they're both paid for!




Cheney Avoids Discussing His Record, Says Gore 2000
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Cheney Avoids Discussing His Voting Record, Says Gore Campaign
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NASHVILLE, August 9 /U.S. Newswire/ -- The following was released
today by Gore 2000:

With the Republican Masquerade Ball now behind him, Dick Cheney is
traveling the country on a "Change the Truth" tour. Today, Dick
Cheney started the "Change the Truth" tour by visiting a homeless
shelter in Missouri.

"Dick Cheney may be trying to change his tune by changing the
tone, but no number of photo-ops can change the truth," said Ron
Klain, Gore 2000 Senior Advisor. "While it's good to hear that Dick
Cheney is now reaching out to the less fortunate, it's a shame that
his record in Congress does not reflect that concern. His extreme
record shows that time and time again, Cheney voted against helping
the homeless and voted for helping the few and the well-connected."

Below follows some of the votes Dick Cheney cast on issues
pertaining to the homeless:

1987: Cheney Voted Against Emergency Aid for the Homeless. In
1987, Cheney voted against suspending the rules to pass a joint
resolution that transferred $50 million in FY 1987 supplemental
appropriations within the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
for emergency food and shelter program for the homeless. The motion
was agreed to 296-79. (1987 CQ Almanac, p. 6-H, vote #13)

1987: Cheney Voted Against Conference Report on a Bill to Provide
Aid to the Homeless. In 1987, Cheney voted against adoption of the
conference report of the Stewart B. McKinney Homeless Assistance Act,
which authorized $443 million for programs aiding the homeless in FY
1987 and $616 million in FY 1988. The bill provided money for
shelters and food programs, set aside funds to aid homeless people
released from institutions, those with mental disabilities, and
families with children and the handicapped. The conference report
was adopted 301-115. (1987 CQ Almanac, p. 70-H, vote #237)

1988: Cheney Voted Against McKinney Homeless Assistance Act. In
1988, Cheney voted against the reauthorization of the Stewart B.
McKinney Homeless Assistance Act, which provided $642.5 million in FY
1989, $221.1 million in FY 1990 and some $128.2 million in FY 1991.
The bill passed 333-80. (1988 CQ Almanac, p. 82-H, vote #257)


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