[Hpn] another tender missive

Coalition on Homelessness, SF coh@sfo.com
Tue, 08 Aug 2000 21:09:09 -0700

Howdy Folks -

I finally shut down the recent spam factory when things in Philly 
settled down. sorry for all those pesky messages. but what an 
interesting lesson all of that has been! is THIS what democracy looks 
like? btw, IMC kicks ass!

the Coalition had a meeting at noon today to finalize plans for 10 
-12 of us to invade LA with video and still cameras, cell phones, 
tape recorders, trained legal observers, guerrilla journalistas, and 
lawyers - lotsa lawyers. (now all we need are guns and money! ITS A 
JOKE!) all I can tell you is that it is quite a team, and I'm proud 
to be a part of it. if we last 10 hours before we're all arrested 
I'll at least finally have enough good material for a 12 page issue 
of STREET SHEET. maybe even four color pages.

I'm also angry. what we are witnessing is a level of political 
suppression that I've not seen in this country since the days of 
Nixon. if I was ambivalent about participating in d2kla before, the 
splendid example of simple human spirit and courage in Philly made my 
mind up. the people arrested at r2k were my brothers and sisters... 
how could I begin to deny that? and I am going to take every 
opportunity I find to punish their tormentors in print, I promise.

funny thing, we're NOT going to LA to fuck shit up - we're going to 
defend the rights of our allies. and I somehow have this idea that 
this is exactly why we'll be at risk. we have already advised our 
team that wearing black is unfashionable, but when the constables are 
targeting cell phones and cameras, and beating up mainstream 
journalists, I'm not optimistic about our odds. maybe I expect only 
the worst so I'll be pleased by the way things turn out.

I wish I was going back to Canada. I was so completely enchanted with 
the warmth and openness of all the people I met from there. and 
that's the reason I'm angriest - I can still recall when the people 
of the United States still shone with genuine good will, and we 
hadn't yet seen the emergence of the latest strain of "yuppie flu," 
the malady we now call "compassion fatigue." I would rather share 
pitchers of Grasshopper and the occasional not-so-very-furtive toke 
with smiling people. got a job for an over-aged flower child, 
Michael? I'll get a passport, I swear.

ahhh, the things we do for love...



PS- it would be really great if you guys posted comments to our 
postings at the LA and Philly IMC sites. most recent are ORGANIZE OR 
DIE & Looking at America Through "Broken Windows" thanks

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