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Global Peace Walk 2000 wants to carry your message to DC and the UN:

Living On The Globe With All Our Friends

We need your message on your survival issue problems and solutions for the
Global Peace Walk 2000 to carry on to Washington DC and to the United
Nations.  This spiritual walk offers to unite all survival issue messages,
and all of humankind, in our great cry to the heavens for "Global Peace
Now!" as a universal human resolve.  These messages will be delivered to the
US Government in Washington DC (October 10-11), and to the United Nations
for its 55th anniversary October 24th to help inaugurate the UN Decade of
Creating a Culture of Peace for the 21st Century while marking the mid-point
of the UN Decade of the World's Indigenous Peoples.

We have already received many such letters, messages, and proclamations of
support from such diverse issues, organizations and people as New Mexico
Governor Gary Johnson and Senator John McCain, from convicted felons
such as Leonard Peltier and Ira Einhorn, from the Nuclear Age Peace
Foundation, Nuclear Abolition 2000 Network, Friends of The Earth,
Greenpeace, Student Environmental Action Coalition (SEAC), National
Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), San Francisco
Mayor Willie Brown, Oakland Mayor Jerry Brown, President Clinton,
Vice President Gore, and many many more.   (see some in postings at

We want your important survival issue messages, represented and referenced
for the walk to carry on its way, empowered by its prayer for "Global
Peace Now!" as a universal human resolve.  Please fax signed copy (on your
letterhead if available) to me at 561-658-2735.  Please subscribe to above
list to submit email copy for public archive, and to receive updates on
walk's progress
towards gathering a million people in DC Oct9. (you can select "view at
website" for walk updates if you do not want to receive occasional emails
from this local coordinators list)

This walk from San Francisco will begin again on August 15th, after its
delegation returns from taking part in the Sundance in South Dakota,
from St. Louis where a coordinating team is now organizing events for
August 12-15 while staying at the City Recreation Center kindly offered
by the City of St. Louis which hired two overtime city workers to open
the facilities for the walkers' use for two weeks (pool, indoor stage,
room for 300 to stay).

Until then the walkers may be reached in the evening at the phone number on
their voicemail where you may also leave a message for the coordinators

Walk coordinator Crispin Clarke says, "if you know good people who want to
join the walk, tell them to 'meet me in St. Louis' asap".

The American Spiritual Revolution begins August 15th, the 55th anniversary
of the end of World War II, with the call for a Global Peace Treaty to, as
John McCain says in his support letter for walk, "end war forever" -- a
idea that the walk will be offering along the way to DC and to the UN.

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For more information, please email me or call me at my home number

If you received this message from an email discussion list, please respond
to me directly, off list, at email address below.

Living On The Globe With All Our Friends,

David Crockett Williams, C.L.U.
Tehachapi, CA   661-822-3309
Chartered Life Underwriter
Activist - Chemical Physicist

Global Peace Walk 2000
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