[Hpn] Re: Why This Native New Hampshire voter will not be voting for GW BUSH

William Tinker wtinker@fcgnetworks.net
Fri, 04 Aug 2000 22:42:21 -0400

Thanks for the come back!
And you are absolutely correct this guys record is horriffic,he is a by
virtue mass murderer, very callous about any help for disabled or displaced
persons,and his idea of helping the homeless is a meal a night in jail and
move on!
The Texans don,t want him!!! I have 3 persons that are native Texans that
detest GW"shrub" BUSH,it looks like his I just ate the canary smile might
induce the woman votes but my god this man is not safe to be out in public
alone he thinks he is super man!........................Native Texans are
trying to get rid of him!
I vote as a independant I still am not positive who I will vote for ..I
think if Tipper Gore was running I would vote for her because she has stated
openly that homelessness is not a crime..I been saying these words for
I am  not a doom and gloomer but in my opinion  if GW "shrub' BUSH is
elected we will be in a major conflict in short order.......... I really
believe this!**********  GOD HELP AMERICA***********
A Brother
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> This Native Hoosier won't be voting for George. W. Bush either for the
> reasons as the Native Texan - bad record on homelessness plus putting poor
> people to death (including mentally retarded and mentally ill individuals)
> who are on death row, the poorest health care in the U.S., poor record on
> education and the biggest issue is that he is the main speaker for the
> minority of the rich and privileged in our country who choose not to
> aware of the majority.