[Hpn] "lets kick some ass"

john macpherson nyceguy50@yahoo.com
Fri, 04 Aug 2000 09:45:12 -0700 (PDT)

I have recently noticed that my windows and E-mail are
being scanned. I feel as if, the government thinks
that I am a threat for telling documented truth.

IS it fair that G.W. Bush is trying to kick some ass
and not be arrested himself, when the secret service
arrested a homeless person for shouting those words? 
Is Bush above the law?  The secret service declared
that the words are a threat on national security, as a
threat to do Bush bodily harm!  If that is the case,
than why are sports permitted within this country as I
hear those words used in reference to most sports and
political arenas?
I must agree that those words are used far too often.

On Bush's policies I was reading some documents on
education though I see the end results as I have
recently freely stated and discussed with some of the
instructors at Austin Community Collage; the mean wage
in Texas is 37,000 the percentage living below poverty
is 18%, the number of school children receiving
federal subsidized lunch is about 52%
(<http://nces.ed.gov/digest>).  Though the amount that
has been spent on education has nearly doubled in the
past four years the money is spent on the physical
plant contractors, and mandated raises by the Teachers
Association, due in part to the rate of growth of the
states population and unwillingness to spend the money
there as the prison system is more equitable due to
the policy of two for one if you make the cut for
TRUSTEE. This policy is for slave labor of non-violent
offenders, ie. possession of a controlled substance.
Another part of the education equation, is that the
schools are run by elected officials and special
interests that can help in re-election of the
officers.  Therefor the education system is on the
decline. What is the governors policy on this issue
really? I believe that it is the lobbiest personal
interests.  As a result the quality of education

I again must ask about equality under the law when we
consider a known COKE user for president.  He claims
that he is riding on no-ones tail however the fact
remains that his dad keeps on showing up. 

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