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>August 1 a little nuts with lots of arrests and some property
>destruction (police car tires slashed, some paint thrown) which
>lots of media is highlighting.  Many many acts of NV CD
>overshadowed by the few acts of property destruction.
>August 2 easier, more focussed on jail solidarity with gathering
>at Franklin park into dusk.  Police threat to arrest after
>curfew defused by Jodi Dodd (R2K Police Liason, AFSC) and police
>brass agreeing to allow supporters to occupy the park overnight.
>lots of phone calls to handle for the last couple days, keeping
>in touch with the ~400 arrestees.  Solidarity is still very
>high, and police and arrestees are colluding to slow processing
>(police say it's slow because demonstrators won't give names).
>Enclosed is this morning's statement from R2K - Legal (us)...
>12 PM gathering, demo, and speak-out scheduled at Franklin park
>across the street from 'Roundhouse' the city jail. 
>Very few arraignments (<20) and bail set excessively high.
>Hoping for some change after Bush and the rest of the Grand Old
>Party hit the road.
>High agitation around police invasion of puppet space, 2PM Aug
>1, leading to arrest of ~70 people.  Total suppression of
>see lots of photos and reactions from R2K and local residents
>August 3, 2000  4AM
>Protesters Imprisoned in Philadelphia Face Brutal Treatment,
>Physical Assault, Excessive Bail
>Hundreds of nonviolent protesters arrested during Tuesday and
>Wednesday's protests are reporting inhumane conditions in
>custody and physical brutality from authorities, according to
>members of the R2K Legal Collective.  R2K Legal is a collective
>of lawyers and paralegals providing legal support to protesters.
>Over 300 arrests had been reported as of Wednesday night.  As
>the evening wore on, protesters began to be arraigned one by
>one.  Bail for protesters not giving their names was set at
>unprecedented levels -- between $15,000 and $450,000.  "To my
>knowledge, bail has never been set so high for misdemeanor
>charges in the history of this country," said Ron McGuire, an
>attorney working with R2K Legal.
>"I consider this a civil rights catastrophe of the first order,"
>McGuire added.
>On Tuesday night, female protesters being held in the Police
>Administration Building, commonly called the Roundhouse,
>reported seeing guards drag a male protester past their cell.
>The male was naked except for a pair of boxer shorts, which were
>down around his knees.
>"He was screaming in pain," said a female protester in custody
>who asked not to be identified for fear of retaliation from
>authorities.  "His back was badly bruised, he was bleeding from
>shoulder to wrist, and his fingers were blue."
>Reports of physical brutality towards the men in the Roundhouse
>continued on Wednesday night.   According to reports from within
>the prison, guards handcuffed and recuffed male protesters so
>tightly that the men were howling "Stop the torture" loudly
>enough for the women down the hall to hear.
>One protester, who gave his name only as Jack, phoned R2K Legal
>from custody early Thursday morning to report that his ear had
>been nearly torn off by an officer's baton during arrest.  Jack
>had been taken to a nearby hospital to have his ear stitched
>back onto his head, he said.
>"Sadly, this kind of abuse is not unusual," said Sara Marcus, a
>Philadelphia resident and member of R2K Legal.  "The abuse
>protesters are facing on the streets and in jail is
>representative of the very issues they were protesting about on
>Tuesday -- police brutality and human rights abuses in prison."
>"If you believe this treatment is unjust, let the authorities
>know how you feel," urged Brian Petruska, another R2K Legal
>member.   The list of people to call includes Philadelphia Mayor
>John Street, Deputy Commissioner ____ Mitchell, head of Civil
>Affairs Captain ____ Fisher, District Attorney Lynn Abraham, and
>Police Commissioner Timoney.  Petruska added, "When you call,
>express your concern over treatment of protesters in custody,
>and register your support for the demands of those arrested."
>Protesters in custody are demanding the return of the dozen or
>so comrades in isolation, immediate attention to medical issues
>in jail, reduction or dismissal of all charges, and equal
>treatment for all arrested.
>List of Some Reported Incidents
>Excessive Force
>August 1.  At  14 and Locust, a protester was severely beaten by
>police officers.  As a result, he was hurried  to the hospital
>nearest to the Roundhouse for medical attention.  The protester
>was beaten so severely that he had to undergo surgery to stitch
>his ear back to his head.  In the protester's own words, he was
>"A bloody mess."
>August 1.  Bork from Blackbloc was sent to Pennsylvania Hospital
>due to injuries she received from police before  they arrested
>her.  She has a concussion and loose-teeth .  Police let her go
>when the hospital release her form treatment.
>Physical Attacks by Police
>August 2.  Police attacked a man taking video footage of the
>demonstrators.   Once the man was thrown to the ground, a police
>officer stepped on the protester's head as another officer threw
>water on him.  The police then smashed the protester's camera
>against the ground with their feet, and confiscated the remains.
>August 2.  2:30 p.m. at 13th and Race.  Without provocation,
>police threw an apparently homeless man carrying blankets to the
>ground  then six uniformed officers stepped on him.  Police
>placed the man under arrest. 
>August 2.  Near the Roundhouse Jail.  Police seemingly
>arbitrarily picked out a man and threw him against a wall
>without warning. 
>August 1.  While a protester was drawing with chalk on the
>ground, a police officer on a bike drove directly into him
>Apparently, the protester was not seriously injured.
>August 2, about 12:30 across the street from the Convention
>Center.  Four uniformed cops moved through the crows to
>apprehend an individual.  The man raised his arms in the air,
>whereupon the police threw him into newspapers metal vendors,
>cutting the man's arm.  Police then arrested him.
>August 2, about 1:00 p.m. while three people were walking
>through JFK Plaza, police approached on bicycles and trapped
>them.  Police demanded the man's backpack, but he refused.
>Police respond by throwing him to the ground and twisted arm
>behind his back and put him in a finger hold.  However, police
>didn't search the man's bag and didn't arrest him.  The man
>claimed his some fingers was broken. 
>Denial of Necessities While in Custody
>August 2.  The twenty-two protesters who are held in custody in
>Philadelphia's 23rd Precinct have reported a number of brutal
>conditions there.  According to these protesters, police have
>denied them food and water.  One protester is HIV positive,
>which required him to take a regular regimen of medicine, but
>police have not allowed him access to his medicine since he was
>arrested.  Another protester had to be taken to Pennsylvania
>Hospital after being beaten by police prior his arrest.
>Although hospital doctors prescribed regular doses of ibuprofen,
>police have not permitted this either.  Although some protesters
>were arrested on Tuesday, only one protester has been allowed
>single phone in that time.
>Spontaneous Arrests
>August 2, at 11th & Arch.  Police pulled over a truck.  The
>driver was the sole occupant, but was driving with protest signs
>in his cab.  After pulling the truck over, the police forced the
>driver out of his car and arrested.  The witness to the arrest
>reports the driver was not engaging in any illegal activity
>prior to the arrest. 
>August 2 in the evening.  Police cars surrounded a car at a red
>light in center city. The police order the occupants, three
>young men and a woman, out of their car.  Police immediately
>arrested three young men, but let the woman passenger go.  The
>incident was reported at approximately 9:30 p.m. to the R2K
>legal office. 
>August 1.  While searching a protester, Commanding Officer
>LaSchmitt #209 made this statement, "Get out of town or you'll
>be sorry."  The police preceded to break their Nextel and  threw
>their gear in the trash. 
>For information on sources, please contact Brian at the R2K
>Legal Office.  215 925 6791
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