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john macpherson nyceguy50@yahoo.com
Wed, 02 Aug 2000 17:20:11 -0700 (PDT)

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> Do the republicans need to lie to be on the
> presidential ballot?
> It was only under the pressure of the federal
> government that Ann Richards held three consecutive
> special legislative sessions to improve our 47th
> place
> in the united states educational system for
> education
> reform yet it is Bush that received the credit! 
> While
> this year we have slid back into the same slot. Yet
> at
> the convention we heard some people saying how grate
> the Education in Texas is.
> While disparity in this capitol city widens with
> 1200
> people worth over 5 million excluding there primary
> residents and 43% of our city Hispanic earning less
> than 7700 per year and rent toppling 500 per month
> for
> a single bed unit of 600 square feet.  Bush is
> satisfied with mandating the churches to handle
> poverty, and the services in the judicial system, in
> America without the aid of the government as he is
> doing in Texas.
> While Nite line and 20/20 declare that there is a
> problem in our judicial system and regularly proves
> that the innocent are incarcerated without cause
> Bush
> remains at ease with his record of no stay of
> exicutions in his governorship.
> In Texas there in an extremely high rate of
> convictions due to the state of the judicial system
> "over-burdened and over-worked" the average rate is
> 95% without somuchas a plea session, because the
> deal
> has been cut.  The process simply time served or
> case
> dismissed. I know this as I am now having my
> criminal
> record e-sponged of the un-constitutional ordinance
> of
> Austin for the physiological need of sleep, a total
> of
> eight misdermenor charges some of which I served
> time
> for.
> Bush's running mate took a day off to change the
> state
> of his voting registration after he received word of
> his nomination, he manufactures oil pumps.  Both of
> these men have direct ties to the Texas Oil
> Producing
> Nations Minister (OPEC) whom sits on the University
> of
> Texas Board of trustees.  Now watch the price on gas
> go up!
> Than there is the policies of aid to the families
> that
> are in trouble. The policy is to first charge the
> father with the failure to support the family and
> neglect, of course the mother must sign an affidavit
> to that and causes hostility that occasionly erupts
> into violence. The following policy is that the
> mother
> must now go to work at 5.25 per hour to support her
> family and pay for day-care and decent housing in an
> apartment that cost more than she earns.  The state
> knows that this is impossible to do so they remove
> the
> children.  The mother typically goes into a state of
> depression and is incapable of self support at this
> time.
> Now the church and govenment must support the
> children
> while the mother is in a state hospital, the father
> is
> incarcerated. The entire family must now be housed
> by
> the government with government supervision 24-7, the
> churches must supply the clothing, some emotional
> support, clothing, and first aid. Whenever the
> adults
> get released they imeditely are on the streets
> homeless, and the family unit destroyed forever with
> records that are negative stigmas to there future
> employment and will have to seek long term aid. at
> the
> expense of the church alone should Bush be elected. 
> Nearly fifty percent of the people that enter Texas
> education get a High school equivalent education, of
> that only forty some percent go on for more credits
> less than twenty percent of TEXAS educated people
> get
> an associates or higher degree. Under the state of
> Texas rules there is no guarantee of higher
> education
> as it costs 13,000 per year to attend a state
> collage.
> This price tag is controled by the Texas legislature
> GEORGE BUSH would have to sign such a document. DID
> HE?  Texas is now the home of our new industrial
> environment.  Is this the type of control that you
> desire for your children?
> Where will your bill of rights be should this
> happen? 
> Is this the future that you desire? Do we need this
> lier as president?
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