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Wednesday August 02, @12:57AM

Update on arrests from r2k legal
By gr

2K legal reports that about 450 were arrested today. 25 of them have
been taken to Holmesburg prison. The rest to the "roundhouse" at 8th and
Race, part of several police dept. buildings, including their HQ.

The police dept's original plan was that summary charges would be taken
to holmesburg, while misdemeanor and felony charges to the roundhouse.
It does not appear as if any of them will be released by the morning.

r2k Legal also reports jail solidarity at about 70-80%. Some have
speculated that the 70 people arrested at the 41'st and Haverford puppet
space may have had ID on them, thus precluding them from practicing jail

A hunger strike at the roundhouse is ongoing. Those on hunger strike are
demanding equal treatment, all charges dropped and immediate release.

Police brutality is apparently taking place, a man has been badly beaten
by guards, requiring stitches. A woman has had her face slammed into a
door. Women in cell block #11 are chanting for a medic. Three
individuals have been separated and isolated.

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