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>see The Nation August 7/14 p.10 for A. Cockburn's Gore slam...
>"Don't Waste Your Vote"
>(unfortunately it's not online   www.thenation.com)
>..  excerpt ...
>"Real Gore is trying a timid populist strut against gas prices
>right now, but across eight years he's been complaisant toward
>oil-company mergers and has helped pry open the largest expanse
>of undeveloped terrain on the Arctic plain, the Alaska National
>Petroleum Reserve.  (see previous issue for Gore's Teapot Dome
>scandal - he sold it to Occidental, his pa's buddy Armand
>Hammer's company). Real Gore led the faction telling Bill he had
>to let his economic program get written by the bond traders.
>Real Gore ushured in David Gergen.  Real Gore was Dick Morris's
>prime ally.  Real Gore was the man who gave Bill Clinton the
>decisive push on the welfare vote.  The rest of Clinton's inner
>Cabinet was opposed.
>Want to look at "reinventing Government," Gore's baby in 1993?
>He did things the Reaganauts dreamed of with the Grace
>Commission and the Council on Competitiveness, but never dared
>do.  In the name of cutting red tape, he virtually destroyed
>minority protections in the civil service and opened the door
>even wider to cronyism, racism, and looting of the public purse.
>Real Gore.. I could go on, but you'll find it all in _A User's
>Manual_ [Cockburn's book comes out after Labor Day].  You want
>another four years of Clintonism, which has left working people
>and the poor worse off than they were under Reagan or Bush?  No
>you don't.  So don't waste your energy, your hope or your vote.
>Get out there and work for Nader."
>Micheal Moore (Roger and Me, Downsize This!) writes that
>everyone who was going to vote for Gore do so, and the 52% of
>people who don't vote vote for Nader.
>---  wrote:
>>  While a Congressman from 1979-89, Cheney:
>>   - voted against the pre-school Head Start program at every
>>  opportunity
>>   - voted against the establishment of the Dept. of Education
>>   - voted against federal aid to college students (at least
>>  he's consistent!)
>>   - voted against the Hate Crimes Statistics Act (and in
>>  support of anti-gay
>>  riders)
>>   - opposed lifting the ban on gays in the military
>>   - voted against spending federal dollars in the fight against
>>  AIDS
>>   - voted against the extension of the Clean Water Act
>>   - voted against sanctions for cities which failed to comply
>>  with the Clean
>>  Air Act
>>   - voted against more funding for and stricter enforcement of
>>  civil rights
>>  laws
>>   - voted for massive cuts in health, education and social
>>  programs
>>   - voted against funding for the National Endowment for the
>>  Arts
>>   - voted against every attempt at gun control, but supported
>>  gun
>>  manufacturer's rights to produce and sell armor-piercing
>>  "cop-killer"
>>  bullets
>  >  - voted in favor of every bill restricting women's right to
>  > choose abortion
>  > (even in cases of rape or incest)
>  >  - voted against economic sanctions against South Africa to
>  > force an end to
>>  apartheid
>>   - voted against a non-binding resolution asking the S.
>>  African government
>>  to
>>  release Nelson Mandela after 23 years in prison
>>   - supported the "contra" terror campaign against the
>>  democratically elected
>>  govt. of Nicaragua
>>  Check out Maureen Dowd's op-ed columns in the NYTimes
>>  and/or Journal Sentinel.   She has been offering hilariously
>>  scathing
>>  commentaries on the "two rich white Texas oilmen who went to
>>  Yale, avoided
>>  Vietnam and act more moderate than they are." One Times column
>  > was called "A
>>  Baby Sitter for Junior," another "World's Dullest Men."
>(thanks shay)
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