[Hpn] bush gets credit for Governor ANN RICHARDS

john macpherson nyceguy50@yahoo.com
Tue, 01 Aug 2000 12:05:15 -0700 (PDT)

As I sat listening to the opening speeches of the
convention I couldn't help but to think of how poorly
those that spoke researched there speeches.

It was at the federal mandates that Texas Legislature
sat through three special sessions to settle the
mandates of Ann Richards mandate on education reform.
As of yet this state has to get the educational
requirements that are needed by the people, as we
remain in the lowest quarter of the nation on
education reform.  When it came to assist AARP it does
so reluctantly while under the threat of its high
voting rate. The state of Texas continues to refuse to
help the have not's as it widens the disparity with
62% of the budget for the have-not's maintaining the
staffing.    Though I have housing at this point and
time with section 8, food stamps and education
vouchers that is all the assistance that I can see.
The Lone Star Voucher card authorization corporation
gets a large cut of my food stamps.
   IT is not Bush that deserves the credit but Ann
Richards, that personally saw that my needs were
assisted as a homeless person two years after her lost
election to Bush. Many call her the only liberal
Governor that Texas ever had.  But she was constantly
on the trade to get something out of her service to
Texas with her husband, a local minister.

  The Republican Convention is a farce. Bush holds
that the prisoners in Texas jails are all guilty of
the crimes that they have committed in spite of the
reports on 20/20, Nightline and the like.  The welfare
reform under Bush is the lowest funded project in the
state aimed on sending children to youth shelters for
adoption, separating the families.
  HE is trying to force the churches to contribute
heavily into donating to projects aimed at the prisons
and street people.  Is this the purpose of worship? 
Yes we need to help our brothers out but is the
combining of church and state the cost? Many came to
this country for religious freedom, in the formation
of our constitution there is a separation of church
and state that will be eliminated if Bush has his way!
  I must admit that Ann Richards saw that not enough
was being done for those that needed assistance, and
may have sparked some of this idea.

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