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Mon, 31 Jul 2000 18:09:31 -0500

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The community alliance of tenants Is Seeking a Tenant Organizer

What is the Community Alliance of Tenants?

The Community Alliance of Tenants (CAT) is a progressive social change organization focused on building renters'
rights in Oregon. CAT organizes renters to demand and get safe, stable and affordable housing. CAT has an excellent
track record of victories for low-income renters and renters of color. In addition, CAT organizes tenants' councils
in individual buildings and runs a hotline and education program for renters. CAT is a multicultural organization.
We organize tenants in diverse communities. We are committed to working against racism and other oppressions.

What will this organizer be doing?

This tenant organizer will organize renters living in neighborhoods within an urban renewal district in the
Interstate area of Portland, Oregon. The government will spend large amounts of money to improve the area
economically. We believe that a by product of these improvements will be that low-income renters and renters of
color will be forced out of their homes due to rent increases, eviction notices and other means. Kids will have to
change schools, elders will lose their support networks, parents will lose their child care arrangements, workers
will face transportation problems and everyone forced to move will lose their neighborhood community. We believe
this does not have to be the case. CAT will organize low-income renters and renters of color to reap the benefits,
rather than the consequences, of the economic improvement of their neighborhoods. CAT's organizing is aimed at
building the leadership and power of low-income tenants. These tenants will work together to save their homes.

The organizing goal is to build leaders in low-income neighborhoods and to support them in working with their
neighbors to make decisions and take action that will save their homes. The organizer will recruit and prepare
outreach volunteers to knock on doors, inform tenants of urban renewal activities, conduct surveys, and get
involvement. S/he will then prepare for and involve tenants in educational workshops, in neighborhood forums and in
leadership training. S/he will analyze survey information and other research information to present a clear picture
of the situation in the area. S/he will also collect information about possible solutions to avoid displacement.
Tenants will work as a team to review this information and make decisions about their goals to save their homes.
The organizer will assist them in developing strategies, taking action and negotiating solutions. The intended
result is that as the neighborhood improves, low-income tenants and tenants of color will have positive choices to
keep and improve their homes and living situations.

The organizer will be responsible for these activities:

  a.. Recruiting, training and coordinating outreach volunteers
  a.. Developing outreach, educational and survey materials
  b.. Conducting door knocking outreach
  c.. Identifying and training tenant leaders
  d.. Coordinating tenant meetings and other events
  e.. Developing partnerships with community groups and leaders
  f.. Conducting national, local and neighborhood research on anti-displacement strategies
  g.. Fund raising
  h.. Assisting renters to identify issues, strategize and carry out meaningful action
What experience will it be helpful for the organizer to have?

  a.. Experience with and knowledge of community organizing * including outreach, leader identification, training,
research, meeting facilitation, strategy development and action
  b.. Demonstrated ability to be self-directed in carrying out project activities
  c.. Demonstrated ability to motivate others
  d.. Experience working with and within diverse groups * race, income level, sexual orientation, ability, etc.
  e.. Experience working within African-American and low-income communities
  f.. Experience working with non-profit organizations and social change activities
  g.. Good organizational skills, detail oriented, excellent follow-through
  h.. Good written and verbal communication skills, good listening skills
  i.. Computer skills, particularly word processing
  j.. Spanish or other language capability a plus
  k.. Experience with and knowledge of affordable housing and tenants' rights helpful
  l.. Commitment to developing the leadership of low-income renters and renters of color to improve their
  m.. Ability to work some evenings and weekends
What about time commitment, salary and benefits?

One-year commitment is required with the potential for longer-term employment. Salary is dependent on experience.
The salary range is $21,000 - $25,000 annually. Full medical, dental and vision benefits and paid leave are

How can I apply? What if I have questions?

Women, people of color and low-income renters are encouraged to apply.

To apply: We need a resume with a cover letter describing your background and your interest in this position.
Please send, fax, e-mail or deliver to Dana Brown (CAT Co-Director) by Tuesday, August 29, 2000 at 5:00 pm.

  a.. Send to 2710 NE 14th Ave, Portland, OR 97212
  b.. Fax to 503-288-8416
  c.. E-mail to danacat@aracnet.com
Questions? Call or e-mail Dana Brown at 503-460-9702 or danacat@aracnet.com