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>Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2000 13:31:45 -0700 (PDT)
>From: Andrew Rose <affirmingandy@yahoo.com>
>Subject: R2K press for Big Mountain Elders!
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>Sunday around noon, about 11 of us went to the 'shadow
>convention' to raise awareness that McCain is complicit in the
>relocation of Dine (Navajo) Elders for the sake of corporate
>profits, and that he should practice what he preaches and not
>carry water for Peabody Coal.
>excerpt (!) ...according to Andrew Rose, a 33-year-old San
>Francisco high school math teacher...
>A friend in LA reports that network news carried someone
>heckling McCain who looked a lot like me wearing a shirt he knew
>I owned.
>get the whole story from Phila. Daily News at:
>{photo of mccain}
>The heckling and cat calls (from perhaps just a few dozen in the
>filled 972-seat theater) got so
>                              noisy that McCain, despite his
>well-publicized volcanic temper ˇ offered to leave, not angrily,
>                              but evenly, almost sadly.
>                              In another example of Irony, the
>sleek Huffington returned to the stage to tell hecklers at the
>                              Shadow Convention, which itself
>heckles the GOP and Democrat conventions, that if they
>                              donÝt want to hear opposing points
>of view, they should leave. About half the audience stood
>                              to applaud.
>                              McCain completed his speech without
>much further incident. For whatever reason -- maybe you
>                              can guess -- a scheduled question
>and answer period with the audience was abandoned.
>                              McCain and wife Cindy escaped from
>the hall and when I stopped him for a second outside, I
>                              asked how he enjoyed his reception.
>                              ýGreat!,ţ he lied.
>                              Since the Q and A was dumped, I
>found a heckler to ask about Black Mesa.
>                              McCain has worked ýto evict Navajo
>elders from their land,ţ which is called Black Mesa,
>                              according to Andrew Rose, a
>33-year-old San Francisco high school math teacher.
>                              ýThose people happen to live on the
>Hopi partition of the Navajo land, which is an artificial
>                              division created by the U.S.
>government to foment controversy between these two groups,ţ he
>                              said, to give the government an
>excuse to remove them.
>                              This was being done to benefit
>multinational corporations, which would snatch the Native
>                              American land, he said.
>                              ThatÝs why he heckled, he said.
>                              ...
>hooray for the riff-raff!
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