[Hpn] Fwd: What's TO-Bid 2008 hiding from Toronto's citizens?

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Mon, 31 Jul 2000 15:45:50 -0400

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Subject: What's TO-Bid 2008 hiding from Toronto's citizens?
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2000 13:45:12 -0500

good day! here is notice of a press conference being held tomorrow
(August 1 - Nathan Phillips Square)
to point out all the problems with continuing to bid for the 2008
Olympics - Beric German, from the TDRC, will join them to ask
publically why the city's advocacy for social housing money seems
to have quited down while at the same time their voices of support for
the Olympics and waterfront development - and the money to pay for
it - grow louder.....


Bread Not Circuses Coalition
Asking the critical questions about the Toronto 2008 Olympic Bid
C/0 Box 139, 365 Roncesvalles Ave. Toronto M6R 2M8
www.breadnotcircuses.org   416- 723-8394

Media Advisory    July 31, 2000

What's TO-Bid 2008 hiding from Toronto's citizens?

What is it that the TO-Bid doesn't want the IOC to see?

No guarantee of affordable housing, tenant evictions, homeless sweeps,
targeted policing, and more white-elephant sports palaces are part of the
negative impact of hosting an Olympics says a social impact study conducted
for the Toronto 2008 Olympic bid group.

Bread Not Circuses Coalition Press Conference
Tuesday August 1, 2000
12:30 p.m.
Nathan Philips Square

The Bread Not Circuses Coalition will release the social impact study with a
visual presentation.   Speakers will include Prof. Helen Lenskyj who has
just returned from meeting with Olympic protest groups in Sydney, Australia.

Olympic organizers have been sitting on the report for months.  The final
report has not been released to City Council.   If  TO-Bid claims to be
running an open bid,  then why are they hiding the report?  What did they
say to the IOC in bid city questionnaire about security, housing, and the
use of Toronto's community sports facilities?  Its back to the usual Olympic
game of  planning behind closed doors to meet the needs of the Olympic
corporate backers.

Bread Not Circuses wants:
  the report released to City Council,
  the TO-Bid answers to the IOC Questionnaires released publicly
  a forensic audit of both the 2008 bid and 1996 Toronto Olympic bid.
  Stop the 2008 Olympic bid  the negative social, financial and
environmental impact is too great.  Our real priorities need to be met

For information please contact:
Jan Borowy, Steering Committee, Bread Not Circuses  723-8394
Richard Milgrom:  Architect, Bread Not Circuses Coalition:   410-2872