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"Tehachapi man never short on words for presidential run"


The Bakersfield Californian

Sunday, April 30, 2000

by Robert Price, Staff Columnist, rprice@bakersfield.com

As soon as he's inaugurated, the new president plans to grant a full pardon
to a certain infamous political figure.

The president doesn't care how that gesture might affect his approval
ratings because he has already planned his second official act: He's going
to resign from office, paving the way for the pardoned man to seize control
of the Oval Office in a coup the likes of which these shores have never

Sound like a Bill Clinton-hater's worst nightmare? A dirty little rumor
emanating from the George W. Bush camp? The latest hard-cover conspiracy
theory from Tom Clancy? A fresh subject for Rush Limbaugh, finally tiring of
the Elian saga?

It's none of the above.

It's the inauguration-day game plan of one David Crockett Williams -
Tehachapi resident, self-styled metaphysicist, futurist, advocate for peace
and unlikeliest of presidential candidates.

What makes Williams' plan particularly unusual is his choice of running
mate: It's none other than Leonard Peltier, who is serving two life terms at
Leavenworth for killing a pair of FBI agents on the Pine Ridge Indian
Reservation in South Dakota in 1975.

Apparently, Williams is not actively pursuing the cop vote.

Amnesty International considers Peltier, an Anishinabe-Lakota Indian, a
political prisoner for two reasons: Peltier's leadership role in the
pseudo-separatist American Indian Movement, and allegations of perjury and
prosecution misconduct before and during Peltier's 1977 trial.

Williams, a Caucasian, sees Peltier's unorthodox journey to the White House
as a sort of American Nelson Mandela story, in which the incarcerated
dissident walks out of prison and heals the nation's wounds.

Peltier, needless to say, won't be doing much active campaigning.

And that's OK, because Williams (who has never met Peltier personally) won't
be doing much either. Not unless you count the electronic missives he fires
around the country from his 12-by-12 home office.

Williams is a 55-year-old chemist-turned-financial planner-turned fulltime
visionary. At the age of 29 he shaved his head and declared that, until
world peace is achieved, he would never again apply a razor to his skin. We
all know how the world-peace thing is going, so it should be no surprise
that, 36 years after taking his hair vow, Williams has a salt-and-pepper ZZ
Top beard, thick, black-framed Allen Ginsberg reading glasses and a pony
tail he wears in a tight bun. If elected, he would be the hairiest U.S.
chief executive since Rutherford B. Hayes.

Not much chance of that. Williams, running as an independent (he has about
3 months, starting this week, to collect enough signatures to qualify for
the various state ballots), would be the first to admit that his odds are
none and none. He may take issue with much of what passes for conventional
thinking in physics, religion and politics, but he's enough of a realist to
know a sinking rowboat when he sees one.

He ran for president in 1996, too, and heard all the questions many readers
might be asking themselves now.

"That was the hardest part, listening to some of the reactions," Williams
says. " 'Are you trying to be funny or are you just stupid?   Or are you
just really egotistical?'

"It's none of those things. I don't want to be president but I have a
responsibility as an American citizen to stand up and talk about what I know
to be an environmental and social emergency. I'll be more than happy to back
somebody else who can get my message out better than I can."

David Crockett Williams Jr. is the son of a Walt Disney Co. accountant and
World War II veteran who died in 1985. He grew up in the San Fernando Valley
and spent much of his adult life in Santa Barbara, coming to Tehachapi four
years ago to care for his widowed mother, with whom he now lives.

When he's not running for president, Williams occupies his time with an
array of daunting (some might say odd) pursuits. Among them:

Refuting Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity with his own Tetron Natural
Unified Field Theory.

Studying new commercial energy sources. He's written extensively about the
relationship of electricity, gravity, magnetism and inertia.

Working toward the legalization of marijuana. Ann McCormick, the mother of
cancer patient Todd McCormick, who was recently sentenced to prison for
"medical" marijuana possession, is the new volunteer staff coordinator for
Williams' presidential campaign.

Studying religion and spirituality. He has followed Buddhism but sees
correlations and intertwined truths among many of the world's great
religions, including the Christian, Jewish, Islamic and Hopi faiths.

Helping organize the Global Walk for Peace, which is presently moving across
the North American continent. Williams was the national coordinator of the
1995 event.

He can talk about any or all of those subjects for as long as people are
willing to listen.

"Once," he says, "a friend told me, 'David, you are the kind of guy who,
when someone asks you what time it is, you tell them how to build a watch?'"

Which brings us to what might be the most difficult and challenging aspect
of a David Crockett Williams administration, brief through it might
otherwise be: The inauguration speech could go on for weeks.

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