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Subject: The Safe Streets of Toronto

The Safe Streets of Toronto
Julian Fantino - Chief wants PM to ride with him - Apr.29.2000

    Toronto Police Chief Julian Fantino wants the Prime Minister to ride
with him to see the mean streets of Toronto. Seems Julian is concerned
about drugs and raves and wants the feds to spend more on drug

    One thing police don't mention is that some of the kids getting liver
transplants aren't taking drugs, they are taking poisons such as rat
poison being sold as drugs. Perhaps tougher penalties should be set when
it can be proven that a person was packaging household poisons and
selling them as ecstasy. As far as raves or dances go, there's been a
drug problem at them since the 1960s.

    The mean streets are really only mean if you are homeless. And they
are going to get meaner as the Harris Safe Streets Act and the City's
Target Policing plans send hundreds of officers out to harass squeegee
kids and poor people. I think the Prime Minister should take the tour
and ask Julian Fantino and Mike Harris why they want to spend millions
to jail squeegee kids, graffiti artists and homeless people. He could
also ask them why this police harassment is being extended to political
protesters, which is what happened last week when police attacked and
pepper sprayed sixty people at a peaceful demonstration. He could also
ask if this new war on raves and drugs is an extension of this form of
bad policing.

    I often walk the streets of Toronto late at night, and I find them
much safer than they were years ago. There are a number of gun-toting
killers on the loose and I could become their next victim. So why don't
we have a Safe Streets Act and Policing that targets real criminals? Why
are our resources being used to create a police state for people who are
not a problem?

    If Fantino really wanted drug education he could ask the mayor and
council to re allocate the millions spent on cruel Target Policing. The
money would be better spent on drug education. Education is what we

    We don't need fake Community Action Policing, a bogus US style War on
Drugs, Fantino's Surveillance Cameras or ridiculous Harris CTO Squads on
the street forcing psychiatric patients to take their medication.