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Hello friends of Peace,

Please forward this press release to those who might love to know about
and/or participate in this project for Peace or those who might know of
others who would be interested - especially teachers.


The "CRANES FOR PEACE" project was initiated to honor the Childrens' Peace
Statue which was created by children in a school in Albuquerque, NM.
Completed in 1994, this bronze sculpture was financially supported by $1
from 90,000 children from 63 countries and all 50 United States.  It has
3000 little sculptures fashioned in wax and cast in bronze by children in
100 different countries.  The children who were the creators of the statue
desired for it to be permanently placed in a public park in Los Alamos, the
birthplace of the Atomic Bomb.  It was refused placement there by the Los
Alamos County/City Council.  Now it resides in Santa Fe.  This is the first
National Monument in the United States paid for and created by only
children and it is the first International Children's Peace Statue in the

This Statue was inspired by a true story of a child from Hiroshima, Sadako
Sasaki.  Ten years after the bombing  she contracted leukemia, a disease
which had commonly become known by the Japanese as
"Atom Bomb Disease" - a disease for which there was no known cure.  While
hospitalized Sadako's closest friend reminded her of an ancient Japanese
legend.  If she folded a thousand origami cranes, the Gods might grant her
wish to live.  Her struggle for life and her belief in Peace inspired her
classmates to erect a Peace Statue for all the children who were the
victims of the atomic bombing of Japan.  Their
statue, completed in 1958, stands in Peace Park in Hiroshima with the
inscription, "This is our cry.  This is our prayer.  To create Peace in the
world."  Ever since mountains of origami cranes have been sent to
Hiroshima for Peace Day, August 6th, in affirmation of this prayer.

We are empowering the intentions of the children who created and supported
the First International Children's Peace Statue here in the US.   On
Hiroshima Day, August 6th, 2000, in unity with the first Peace Day ever
observed in the world, children in Santa Fe (trans. City of Holy Faith)
will decorate the Children's Peace Statue with the garlands of cranes.  We
welcome Peace cranes from all other communities from around the US and the
world to intensify the prayers being gathered for this ceremony.

We hope to find a way to open the hearts of those who live and work in Los
Alamos so they will accept this beautiful, healing gift from the children
of the world.  Please do have a look at this gift from the hearts of
children smothered in 39,000 prayers for Peace on our web site:

Cranes For Peace, 941-A Rio Vista, Santa Fe, NM 87501 - USA
Please string the cranes into garlands on strong string, though the hole in
the bottom to the top.  Put them in a box and write on the outside of the
box how many cranes are contained within.  If you have a message to be read
during the commemoration  put it in an envelope at the top of the box.


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