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Subject: [nhhomeless] Updates and Information

> To all the Group and Organizations;
> Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Robert M Tarr of the HPC or
> Homeless Awareness and Prevention Center Of NH, located in
> Manchester, NH.
> We are currently looking for members of ADAPT, NHHomeless, or HPN and
> other organizations who have web sites available for viewing on the
> internet.
> As most of you may not no, our original website located at At&t
> Service was hit by a unknown hacker who deleted most of the
> information or reconfigured the web page.  I assure you that no
> information was transfered or copies that would allow the same to
> happen to other sites.
> So we have begun the rebuilding process of our main site located at:
> www.geocities.com/hpc_2003/main.html
> We would like any and all who have a business or organizationn who
> would like to be placed under our members listing.  You will recieve
> a link to your site from ours, a email link so that others can email
> you, free fax service -- in case you would need to submitt a document
> to your state or goverment.  Also included is a logo from you site
> with a brief intro of what your organization is.  We know not
> everyone can offer free services like us, but placing your name on
> our website shows to others that you are aware of the
> homeless/disabled people in you town/state.
> The more members we have, the more it shows the state and federal
> goverment that "We the people are forming a more perfect union" and
> will not stand alone uncounted in the town/state we live in.
> You can submitt your website link and address to:
> hpc_2003@yahoo.com
> attn: Robert M Tarr
> Thank you for your time and concideration in helping the homeless and
> less fortunate, "Together we CAN make a difference, alone we are not
> counted"
> Sincerely,
> Robert M Tarr
> President/Founder
> Manchester, NH 03103
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