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...In 1994, Jeb Bush did little to help himself when he was asked by reporters what a Bush administration would do for the black community. "Probably nothing," replied Bush, a comment which did nothing to dispel claims of extremism...

Welcome to
Partnership for a Bush Free America

The American People are sick of Bush.

Pick a Bush Any Bush, it does not matter. This website is here to compile all of the dirty laundry associated with the Bushes. These lying nepotistic hypocrites will be exposed in thier full glory right here for all to see. We are not a club, or an Organization. Simply a News Archive devoted to making sure Bush does not get elected, reelected, or nominated for anything.

Most Americans have nothing in Common with Bush! Don't risk losing your freedoms to the rich friends of Bush! See our News Archives Below.

Click on the Sections Below to start discovering the Truth about Bush


Communication: The Anti Bush

See the Endless Examples how the Brothers Bush have attempted to supress the media, supress public information, and oppress free speech. Also Links to Other Bush Info.



Honesty: The Anti Bush

Have the Bushes been Honest? Take a look at Broken Campaign Promises and typical Gaffs from these two inexperienced Nepotism Extrordinaires. Also Links to the Not so Honest Looting of the Savings and Loan Industry by George and Jeb that cost American Taxpayers Billions.



Freedom: The Anti Bush

Bush Claims he wants less regulation and less intrusion into citizen's lives, but he only means this for his shady business partners and real estate executive friends.



Love: The Anti Bush

Bush claims they are deeply devoted to thier faiths. Christian. However, each state is a leader in capitol punishment. Meanwhile other faiths suffer under the hands these hypocrites.



Truth: The Anti Bush

Bushes haven't been very good at telling the truth. But here is some truth about the Bushes that may make you mad.












Right: 40,000 People Protest Another one of Jeb Bush's Unconstitutional Edicts spewed forth out of the Ivory Tower of the Florida Capitol in Tallahassee

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How would you deal with these situations? Answer and then compare to Bushes.
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This website is not sponsored by any political committe or candidate.
It is an exercise in Free Speech to educate the American Voting Public.

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