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One Dead in Texas Prison Riot

One Dead in Texas Prison Riot
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Wednesday April 26 6:30 AM ET One Dead in Texas Prison Riot

One Dead in Texas Prison Riot

By PAM EASTON, Associated Press Writer

LAMESA, Texas (AP) - A lockdown was expected today at an all-male prison where racial tension is blamed for a riot that left one inmate dead and at least 25 others injured, some critically.

The riot began around 6:30 p.m. Tuesday at the Smith Unit and was under control by midnight, said John Barton, spokesman for Warden Lupe Lozano.

``We believe it was racial in nature,'' he said.

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He said he didn't know which groups were involved or how many inmates took part. No guards were involved in the melee, which included a small fire in the kitchen that caused no structural damage.

A fight began in the kitchen at meal time and spread to the prison yard, where more fights developed, Barton said.

Guards used a pepper spray-like substance to subdue the inmates.

The prison, about 60 miles south of Lubbock, was designed to hold 1,276 minimum- and medium-security prisoners but currently houses about 1,400. The unit employs 373 employees, according to officials.

At least nine inmates were taken to University Medical Center in Lubbock for treatment, said Terry Martin, house supervisor at the hospital. None of those injuries was life-threatening.

Other inmates were taken to Brownfield Regional Medical Center. The hospital refused to give information, but Barton said some of the injuries were critical.

The name of the inmate who died was unavailable. Inmates used weapons such as sharpened broom handles and metal fence parts, during the fight, Barton said.

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