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unclescam unclescam@buskers.org
Wed, 26 Apr 2000 00:20:34 -0400

one more,
     your hooligans are my peace demonstrators and anti wto resisters, or
fathers/abortion/indigenous peoples rights marchers. i don't want the army to stop
them either.

Restore Hope in America wrote:

> On Tue, 25 Apr 2000, unclescam wrote:
> > please excuse me,
> >    you're right. when the fools with killing tools ,do what we think is
> > right, it's ok to use em. look at every war ever fought. and we with god on
> > our side..........
> >     well i feel like there's a little to much rightism here. there's always
> > another way, that's what your mind is for if you're a pacifist. violence is
> > the tool of the ignorant. they could have given them a trip to disneyland and
> > had goofy take him.
> >
> So if I understand your position, you would have let the matter run on and
> on with the Miami relatives continuing to poison the kids mind against his
> father, continue to subject him to constant abuse and forced trauma from
> incessant and unruly crowds while they continue to not only ignore court
> orders that they don't have custody rights and INS orders to return the
> kid to his father.
> I am a father who had a child wrongfully withheld from me, and I think
> you're way off base on this one. Reno took reasonable and appropriate
> action in the face of hooligans who were consistently violating the law.
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