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unclescam unclescam@buskers.org
Wed, 26 Apr 2000 00:08:10 -0400

actually ,
  my position is that from the first time the uncle defied the law there should
have been an operation of non violent  means to get the kid. it's not the end but
the means i object to. in a land of law and order the use of force should never be
a response. the use of the mind to outwit, rather than the force of arms should be
the answer to this type of situation.
   as to your personal difficulties, if you had refused to relinquish the child as
ordered by the court i would hope that they didn't break down your door and point
guns at your kids. that would have compounded thier error. i also have children
and would be horrified if peace officers pointed thier guns at them.
    hooligans are by nature foolish and easily fooled. i work as a street
performer and know the value of diverting attention to make the trick work. is
janet reno less bright than i ? these guys run sting ops all the time. please join
me in castigating the use of force in all police actions.

Restore Hope in America wrote:

> On Tue, 25 Apr 2000, unclescam wrote:
> > please excuse me,
> >    you're right. when the fools with killing tools ,do what we think is
> > right, it's ok to use em. look at every war ever fought. and we with god on
> > our side..........
> >     well i feel like there's a little to much rightism here. there's always
> > another way, that's what your mind is for if you're a pacifist. violence is
> > the tool of the ignorant. they could have given them a trip to disneyland and
> > had goofy take him.
> >
> So if I understand your position, you would have let the matter run on and
> on with the Miami relatives continuing to poison the kids mind against his
> father, continue to subject him to constant abuse and forced trauma from
> incessant and unruly crowds while they continue to not only ignore court
> orders that they don't have custody rights and INS orders to return the
> kid to his father.
> I am a father who had a child wrongfully withheld from me, and I think
> you're way off base on this one. Reno took reasonable and appropriate
> action in the face of hooligans who were consistently violating the law.
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