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unclescam unclescam@buskers.org
Tue, 25 Apr 2000 16:15:55 -0400

how soon we forget
   that it was a two edged sword. politics on both sides. the use of
superior firepower is as often used against the poor. these folks had
homes so they weren't shot, but the use of  force is unjustified in all
cases. this sets us up for the next one. when will they break down your
door. point the gun at you.? when can't they threaten this procedure.?
    was the washington pre-emption arrest the same tactic ? be in control
from the start was the reason for the weapons of mass destruction. i
believe a call for non violent police actions would be better for our
civilation than praise for a military response over a minor dispute.
     why do policemen carry guns? they are supposed to be peace officers
not warriors. this is a disgusting display of american incivility.

Restore Hope in America wrote:

> Support Attorney General Reno - Chastise Anti-Family GOP Leaders
> As you all know, many Republicans have decided to call for hearings
> on Attorney General Renos decision to liberate Elian from his Miami
> relatives. Personally, I completely support what she did, and do not
> believe that it was excessive. If anything, it came far later than it
> should have. IMO, the Miami relatives used Elian solely for political
> purposes  with complete disregard for the wishes of his father.
> I contacted the Attorney Generals office today and found it difficult
> to get through - the reason was that many people are calling her and
> the majority of it is in support of what she did. The same was true of
> the main number for Congress - that is, it was busy - but I do not know
> what the majority opinion was. My guess is that it was in support of
> Reno and against the Republican leaders who want investigations.
> I intend to send both a fax and email to Attorney General Reno to
> express my own support of her actions. I also intend to contact the
> Republican congressmen who have been the most vocal against her
> and ask them how they can claim any Family Values given that the
> wishes of Elians father were ignored so completely, and then for
> political reasons.
> If any of you would like to do the same, I am including contact
> information for the key players in this fiasco.
> David R. Quammen
> Restore Hope In America
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> Henry J. Hyde (R-Ill), Chair, House Judiciary Committee
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