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when the crowded streets of the visible
came pounding down on me like rain
you were my island.

when the world,
like our dirty, soiled, oily bedding,
hanged in a dusty garden,
became damp
the musty smell - a fading memory - a rememberance
a remaining evidence of this fragile reality
that we are constantly clinging to
hanging on
riding on
hiding under
the surface of

when the crowds came down on me
you were my island

when every thing in the city was abandoned

i had overslept
on the end of the world -
only to awaken, only to have missed it all
they had disappeared with out me
i was not alone
joking, laughing, and
choking back - keeping those eyes
clear of fear.

we, like the silent ones,
invisible, self centered and selfish - to the death
(which won't happen because we don't believe in it)

we won't cry, and don't shed tears - ever.
to keep us sane
and above it all

stay away-keep clear-lie low-yield-go...........slow

sometimes, the revolving flashing lights - yellow and white
and always red.
are not what you thought they were.
go back to sleep,
it's not the police this time.



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