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For Immediate Release
Friday, April 21st , 1pm
Edward and Elizabeth.  Toronto Bus Terminal

Toronto Jail Support Network

Police use Pepper Spray and violence against Rally in Support of Political
Prisoners in DC

4 arrested, several injured by pepper spray

100 concerned citizens, including members of Toronto Black Bloc anarchists,
presented Washington DC Police, the IMF and World Bank with a warrant for
their arrest today at the American Consulate.  These three organizations are
wanted for their abhorrent treatment of peoples around the world and
specifically for the treatment of the 150 political prisoners still being
held in DC jails.

After rallying in front of the US consulate and 52 division, pointing out
the connection with local issues such as Target Policing, the protesters
moved along Dundas and University before turning east down Edward.  Police
officers harassed the crowd as they went, trying to push them with their
bikes and advancing slowly at the crowd with their cars.  The crowd was
clearly beginning to disperse as they reached the bus station, the media
cameras left,  when the police suddenly attacked a group of the protesters,
pushing one over a police bicycle.  As protesters tried to protect their
friends more police arrived and began to attack the crowd, using pepper
spray and breaking a glass bottle over the  head of one protester who was
trying to assist one of those who had been pepper sprayed.

"It was unbelievable, the crowd was walking along peacefully, and the police
just attacked them. The march was winding down anyway, and most of them were
on the sidewalk. It made no sense" said Toby Lloyd, who was at the scene.
"It's clear that anytime people attempt to exercise their democratic rights,
the police will use whatever tactics needed to silence them.  I saw people
who were trying to help their friends from the pain of pepper spray being
pushed away by police"

Police made four arrests and are currently holding them at 52 division.
Protesters are standing vigil in front of the division until their friends
are released.

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