[Hpn] DOE & Earth Day Expansion Call: "Earth Month" and "A Year for The Earth 2000-2001" "A Year for The Earth 2000-2001"

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Mon, 17 Apr 2000 13:39:19 -0700

For Immediate Release (Dear Editor), Monday, April 17, 2000

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Call for Earth Day Expansion: "Earth Month" and "A Year for The Earth"

The U.S. Department of Energy has agreed to my request, in respect
of Earth Day 2000 and its call for "Clean Energy Now!", to extend
the public comments deadline on its new Stategic Plan draft until
April 24th.  Details are at http://www.egroups.com/group/strategic-plan

To further the Earth Day Network's efforts to "Make Every Day Earth Day" as
a way to awaken public activism for timely amelioration of today's critical
environmental problems and for the cause of global peace, the Taos, NM,
annual April 22nd new Earth Day event, organized by the Global Peace Walk
Project, is initiating a call for expanding the original goals of Earth Day
with "A Year for The Earth 2000-2001" campaign to inaugurate an annual
"Earth Month" from the Spring Equinox of March 21st to April 22, 2001.

We hope everyone who has embraced the vision of Earth Day will in their own
ways make the most of this campaign by applying a deeper understanding of
the Earth Day 2000 "Clean Energy Now!" message by releasing their own
minds and, as Global Peace Walk initiator Reverend Yusen Yamato says
in his zen-speak way, to let the "dust out".

In his letter of support for this spiritual walk across America to bring out
"Global Peace Now!" as a universal human resolve, Earth Day Network's
national coordinator Chris Curtis says, "Supporting the work of the Global
Peace Walk 2000 and its Earth Day celebration is vitally important.  I
strongly encourage your organization to actively participate in planning and
funding activities associated with this educational, action-oriented

Everyone should be proud of how Senator Gaylord Nelson's call for a national
"Environmental Teach-In" on April 22, 1970, has been so well implemented by
the Earth Day Network for over thirty years since the "natural" Earth Day
idea itself was presented by John McConnell, at the San Francisco UNESCO
Conference on the Environment in November 1969, as an annual Spring Equinox
event to unite people of all faiths to solve environmental problems that
have by today reached global emergency proportions.

On the phone Saturday, McConnell shared his disappointment that the value of
his initially proposed symbolic annual date for Earth Day as the Spring
Equinox, originally accepted by the United Nations, has been largely
overlooked but he expressed respect for the work of the April 22nd
Earth Day Network.

This proposal for "A Year for The Earth 2000-2001" (April 22, 2000 to April
22, 2001), and an annual "Earth Month" starting next year, includes the
suggestion that event organizers opt for whatever date(s) make the most
sense to them to celebrate Earth Day, even "Every Day as Earth Day".

Global Peace Walk 2000 will conduct a ceremony to mark the midpoint of this
Year for The Earth, in New York City before arriving at the United Nations,
walking from San Francisco since January 15th, for the UN 55th
anniversary October 24th to help inaugurate this UN Year and Decade
of "Creating a Culture of Peace for the 21st Century".

We hope that Denis Hayes, John McConnell, and Gaylord Nelson and all Earth
Day Networks will participate, and support Global Peace Walk 2000 carrying
these messages across country to Washington DC and to the United Nations.

Happy Earth Day to You, Happy Earth Day to you.....

"Living on The Globe with All Our Friends"

"Natural Earth Day" site:  http://www.earthsite.org
"New Earth Day" (Network) site:  http://www.earthday.net
Global Peace Walk site:  http://www.globalpeacenow.org

"I am glad to offer my support for 'Global Peace Now!', as an initiative
that all earthlings can support and to add An Agenda For Peace to those
messages that will allow Global Peace Walk 2000 to find resonance with the
many hearts it will touch as it proceeds upon its journey...an agenda we
must all adopt if we are to create a world in the next century that we can
be proud to live in", says 1970's Philadelphia Earth Day organizer Ira
Einhorn in his letter/message of support for Global Peace Walk 2000.

For The Global Peace Walk Project and "Global Peace Now!",

David Crockett Williams, C.L.U.
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