[Hpn] Fw: Please Call Now to Help 200 IMF/WB Detainees

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Subject: Please Call Now to Help 200 IMF/WB Detainees

> Please Circulate Widely
> IMF, World Bank Demonstrators Subject to Widespread Police Abuse
> New Accounts Detail Gross Mistreatment in Jail and in the Streets
> New reports of peaceful protesters beaten by police and U.S. Marshals,
> denied food and water and stripped of their basic constitutional rights
> give the lie to early accounts of police restraint during massive
> protests against the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund
> (IMF).
> &#61623; Detainees have deen denied food, water, toilets, medical
> attention, and access to lawyers.
> &#61623; One instance was reported of an interrogator posing as a member
> of the Midnight Special Legal Collective, the volunteer lawyers
> representing the activists.
> &#61623; One non-violent protester had 3 ribs broken while he was
> arrested.
> &#61623; Another protester was beaten in the face and then loaded into a
> patrol wagon, leaving a pool of blood in the street.  A police official
> told the drivers not to offload him at the jail but to drive him around
> for several hours, and then to drop him off near a hospital.
> &#61623; At midnight on Monday, many activists still reported being
> denied food and water.  Some were arrested at 4 AM, 20 hours earlier.
> Rachel Weber, a recent Harvard graduate from Boston, watched as one
> woman in her cell, who has hypoglycemia, began to throw up from lack of
> food.  Police denied repeated requests for food or medical assistance.
> &#61623; One group of men was taken into a basement, put into a cage,
> and told by a U.S. Marshall, "There are no cameras here.  We can do
> whatever we want."  Anyone who looked up while the Marshall was speaking
> was punched in the face.
> &#61623; Another activist saw a U.S. Marshalls slam people's faces into
> a wall.
> &#61623; Jennifer Kirby, a housing advocate from Washington D.C., was
> part of a group of activists who took over an abandoned home to protest
> unfair evictions and social service cuts in the District of Columbia.
> "The police came in and dragged us out of the house.  As the police
> dragged the last person out of the house, one officer was kicking him
> and saying 'stop attacking my foot' and then all the police slammed him
> against a wall, saying 'stop attacking the wall.'  They dragged him into
> a six-inch deep puddle and left him in it got five minutes while they
> kicked him," said Kirby.
> Officers also used a variety of abusive tactics to pit activists in Jail
> against each other and to break "Jail Solidarity," cooperation between
> activists designed to ensure fair treatment by police.
> &#61623; Black Echo a spectator at the arraignment of several hundred
> activists, heard the presiding commissioner Ringelle imply that if
> activists did not cooperate he would place them with the general jail
> population, where they they would be raped.  "He told us 'For a day or a
> week or a month [Jail] is not a pleasant place.  People get sodomized.
> The inmates run the D.C. Prison.  .  In the prison, the weak are preyed
> upon," said Black Echo.
> &#61623; Another group of activists was also threatened with
> incarceration with the general population, and told "they love to kill
> white boys over there, you pussy-faggot protesters."
> &#61623; Detainees are taken into solitary confinement and lied to, told
> that they are the last ones in jail, that they won't be released before
> their court date in July, that they have no rights.
> The Midnight Special Law Collective is asking all concerned to call as
> many of the following numbers to help them in their efforts to gain
> justice for the remaining 200 IMF/WB detainees.  Giving no names,
> express concern that detainees are being abused, and demand their
> immediate release.
> All area codes are 202.
> DC Mayors office:       727-2980
> DC Chief of Staff:      727-2643
> DC Public Advocate:     673-4421
> Dept. of Correction:    673-7316
> DC Chief Judge: 879-2770
> DC Executive Officer Ulysses Hammond: 879-1700
> Police Academy: 645-0055 (detainees held here)
> Central Holding:        727-2894
> 1st Dist. Substation:   727-4655
> Superior Court Chief Judge Eugene Hamilton: 879-1600
> Clerk of the Court:     879-1401
> US Atty. For DC:        514-2000 (insist on an investigation and
> prosecution on
> abuses, civil rights violations, and homophobia)
> Cell Blocks B & C: 727-2392
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